I was playing “Won’t be Long” in the car and my mom heard “Let’s sink this city to the ground”. She’s so funny when she mishears Rockapella lyrics. Then I was trying to explain to her that the song is a cover of a Japanese language song that got translated into English.

I got some more blind bags, but I’ll open those later. So they are not in this entry.

I don’t understand why people say INFPs hate Halloween. Or shy people. I do understand when they say about shy people wanting to cover their face when they dress up in a costume. I like to do that too. They also say they don’t like to talk even in costume. I do want to talk; just not as “myself”. Except if I wanted to be scary silent. But I usually can’t keep that up for very long. I think INFPs they would be more likely to believe in the Great Pumpkin.

My mom said that I never really fussed about dressing up on Halloween. After I really thought about it I always liked costumes and dress up. I think that is because of some deep rooted self esteem issues too there. It’s just harder to get away with playing dressup as you get older unless you have a job that encourages it like an actor.

I still feel there is a very dormant Genki Girl inside me, and Halloween is usually one of the few times she gets to come out and play.