Yesterday at the store I saw some really cute pajamas with a rabbit on them. I love rabbits I don’t know why really I think they could possibly be my spirit animal. Of course they would not dethrone dogs especially pug dogs. I’m even going to use them as inspiration for my secret hobby. Don’t worry no live animals will be used. More like a rabbit theme.

I have to say the Halloween themed The Price is Right episode was very lackluster this year. It was very similar to the 2010 April Fool’s episode where all the contestants were renamed “Drew”. I don’t know it seems like they are reaching for ideas again. It was so boring I fell asleep watching it.

My mom made popcorn balls. She hasn’t made those in years like since the 80s. It’s been that long. Yay! Halloween treats!

I thought this picture was really funny. It’s from the season 1 “World” episode “The Return of Dracula’s Castle” I think season 1 toyed around with holiday themed episodes by not explicitly being one. There is another season 1 episode where the North Pole is stolen.  (I had screen capped this pic for some other use and found it in my computer)