“Sometimes I try to do things and it just doesn’t work out the way I wanted too
And I get real frustrated, and its like
And I try hard to do it and take my time
And it just doesn’t work out the way I want it too
It’s like I concentrate on it real hard but it just doesn’t work out
And everything I do and everything I try, it never turns out
It’s like I need time to figure these things out”

I was sitting there thinking really hard about the conformist hobbyists. And for some reason it made me think of that song “Institutionalized”. I love that song! Somebody should really get Mike a Pepsi.

We’ll talk about a hypothetical hobbyist person let’s call her Alice. Alice was discriminated against for being a nonconformist in the hobby. My new approach is “conform somewhat or die”. I’m gonna play by their rules somewhat either that or my “stubbornness”will be pounded out of me or I’ll leave. There is pretty much only 1 of 3 out comes.

They live by a few schools thought ethnocentric, absolutism and mindless conformity. Plus since the hobby is used a lot in Christan religion although it is not specifically there is just a whole lot of cattiness, drama, and accusation. And they wonder why people are turned off by this hobby? Not to mention they are not a very inviting crowd. The pretend to be, but they are really not their true colors show after a while. It’s all a big facade.

Then like a week later I read this blog by an esteemed elder in the field. The strange thing about this particular entry was that the story was about Alice’s dilemma. Even thought her name was not used specifically you could put 2 and 2 together and figure out who this entry was talking about. In all seriousness don’t mess with that esteemed elder.