Study Methods — October 22, 2015

Study Methods

I stayed up late working on my shyness project. I didn’t really think about this until I was listening to “Bodyboard” and craving some candy. And because I realized that I only had about 9 hours to complete my project. Then I remembered this girl who used to cram a lot. 

When it was almost 1:30AM and I finally finished. I needed some sleep! >o< UoU It says I submitted it 8 hours early. Phew!

My dad was sick today and luckily today is not the day I pretend to go to math class.

Well if I have to I will totally pretend to go to math class. How much longer do I have to fake it? Maybe I will tell him I dropped it this Friday or on the 28th. This really has got to stop!

I was thinking about those 17 inch tall Monster High dolls and then I remembered they reminded me of something Mattel did a while ago. An 18 inch Barbie doll in the 1970s. Well there was also the Tiffany Taylor doll who was made by Ideal that was 19 inches tall. Speaking of dolls I want an Ever After High Doll or another Monster High doll, but I want a short one. I already have Howleen.

I had this really strange dream I tried to sneak back into class and the only way I would succeed would be to learn math “shortcuts”.

I was thinking about have you ever just kept doing something just out of habit, but really didn’t like it. And it wasn’t anything important like a job or something like that.

Old Time GPA — October 21, 2015

Old Time GPA

I had this strange dream about playing practical jokes on people. I also found a strange voicemail on my phone from a number I don’t recognize I listened to it and it was little creepy. I reminded me of something I read on a blog once.

I ran into somebody from class when I was walking to class from the bus stop. She drives a very nice car. She told me she was going to class soon, but putting on her makeup on in her car.

I asked my project partner about the text that is like the most I’ve talked to her like ever. I think? We did introduce ourselves to each other only cause the teacher made us after she paired us together. I just wanted to make sure she got the text. That was all. And she did, so nothing to worry about.

The teacher was talking about growing up in Ohio and Minnesota. I picked up on her strange regional accent. I usually don’t pick up on these unless they are very obvious like a Southern drawl which btw she doesn’t have. I’m concerned she is very behind on her lecturing. That is just the studious side of me coming out. My teacher had one of those Concentration type games again. When she plays it with the class I play the Think Fast puzzle music in my head. Then I got a hankering to watch an episode. I watch too many old game shows!

My dad wants me to stick with the math class. Because he feels I can stick it out. He wants me to get a “D” in it. I’m not sure how college worked in the old timey days (the 1970s) But a “D” in college is like an “F”. I learned that the hard way. I think twice. Anyway those “D”s totally wrecked my GPA and in getting financial aid (but that cleared up). I told my dad I don’t want that math class to “wreck my GPA” which was a real fear when I was taking it and failing. He is so like Beverly Goldberg! Anyway I’ll just try to use my original plan which was to say I dropped it the day before Halloween. After I realized I haven’t been to math class in over a month.

I got an A on my last assignment I have a hard time writing those. I stayed up until 3AM working on it.

Today was a strange day and I feel that it would have been a good day for recording stuff, but I’m exhausted that was a lot of work.

I was thinking have you ever watched an internet video that people claimed was so good, and you watched and said “That sucks! I could have made a better video than that!? What was the point?” But you kinda know the person and you don’t wanna tell them it really sucks.

Trial Sushi —

Trial Sushi

I missed my text from my shy partner. Why couldn’t I just pretend I was asleep on a train? Anyway I texted her back at the post office. So it’s all good. I guess. I hope I didn’t come off as rude to her. Well I can apologize to her tomorrow. We never talk and I sit behind her in class.

Since today is my last day of recording. I can get back to my regularly scheduled nonsense tomorrow. Yay! I still feel my data is skewed.

It was nice to hear Sean and Scott sing the Carmen theme song together again. ^-^

Went to the Japanese supermarket. I’m disappointed they don’t sell Sanrio stationary there anymore. I guess I will have to go to Arcadia to get my fix. But they do sell single pieces of sushi wrapped. I tried some halibut sushi. It was so good! I love halibut it’s pretty much the only fish I will eat. Although the store should play better music like Japanese music or something.

Free Day! — October 20, 2015

Free Day!

I’m upset that SNL will not have a Halloween episode this year. I look forward to those when Halloween falls on a Saturday of course. Or will an episode with the Donald Trump that? (I put that pun in there on purpose) Which will be on the 7th of November.

Oh yeah and I got my “free day”! Which I already knew about already, but I’m not gonna argue.

It was a good thing too. There was like a huge downpour here.

I also realized I was not out of blog material because I found some old Halloween themed prompts among some Halloween stories I wrote last year. I think?

Somewhat Skewed Data — October 19, 2015

Somewhat Skewed Data

This was supposed to be posted yesterday.

I realized I haven’t checked my emails in a while. And I really should be checking them. I just don’t like to use the school ones because they sign me out of gmail.

I also realized that my psych teacher paired me up with a shy person and that we have communicate with each other or something and show proof of it to the teacher. Well it’s Sunday and nothing from her (my partner) on her part perhaps we should meet up at school?

Sung to the tune of “Kingdom of Shy”: “I don’t mean to pry, I know you also reside in the kingdom of shy, Please send me a text, Then I won’t feel so vexed, take your assignment selfie today, then hide away.”

I’m also trying very hard not so skew my data. By doing things that are “out of the ordinary”. I can hold off for like a week. I’m about at my midway point today anyway. I started recording my data on Wednesday and today is Sunday. I know the cancelled class will skew it a little but she cancelled it so. It makes sense.

Buzzr is going to show Beat the Clock, $ale of the Century, and Double Dare (1976) not to be confused with the show Summers hosted on Nickelodeon. I don’t like the 1976 version of Double Dare. I thought it was really boring and the rules were confusing. I just liked to watch for Alex’s fro.

A repeat of Beat the Clock from the Lost n Found week?! Really Buzzr!?

Speaking of game shows did you see that Yo! Where Jackie Chan at right now? skit on SNL? There was even a reference to Chief from Carmen Sandiego. She said “sorry gumshoes.” and had a magnifying glass.

I thought it was ok I guess… *shrugs*

Subconsciously Smelly — October 16, 2015

Subconsciously Smelly

I ran to class because I thought I was really late. And I thought I might be smelly from all that running. It was hot and humid. Summer still is going out in a fight. And she was late. It’s very strange that when I seem to be late she is too. It’s very serendipitous.

I wasn’t paying attention in class I was too busy doing another assignment for that class. My group we won the competition. XoX I think they like I’m somewhat of a strong hold. My ego is getting in the way. She wanted us to follow her on twitter. I’m curious to see what she writes about.

After I thought about it I wondered “Do I really want her reading my tweets?” I write such inane things. As of now I don’t follow her.

We have to record our thoughts. So I don’t want her putting things together. So if my blogs suck for a week that is why. I’ll try to come up with something else to write about. I think I’ll write about the Buzzr Pick n Play. I’m carving 3 hours out of my weekend to watch that.

Bus Mockery — October 14, 2015

Bus Mockery

I hope she has some kind of psychological Halloween costume analysis assignment. That would be fun. I would totally be willing to do that! I’m kind of embarrassed to ask. *UoU* I want to dress as Star Swirl the Bearded.

The some people were making fun of me on the bus and felt really self conscious. Too bad we aren’t recording our behavior for our project until tomorrow. I wrote down what happened just in case I need it. The assignment I’m currently working on I wrote a whole paragraph about Rockapella music. I got a good grade on the last part I did for my big project. She put up with reading a lot of nonsense I wrote.

I noticed that the professor’s website she has a lot of links to those psychological quizzes like the meyers brigg (I think she really believes in that) and the Big 5 assessment among other things. I took some of those quizzes and thought “What!? I already knew that about myself!”

Dime Time — October 12, 2015

Dime Time

The teacher likes to ask us perception questions. Like this one who is on the dime? I know it’s Roosevelt. She didn’t make me specify which one though. FDR or Teddy. (its FDR) There used to be a lady on the dime before that. I think I saw that lady dime in an episode of The Monkees.

I was thinking about that coin skit from World because I had seen an episode with that skit in it this weekend. I decided to treat myself to some episodes of World after taking that midterm. I just wanted to relax this weekend.

So we have to another part of our project. I realized that I wrote about World and Rockapella for that part. XoX Then she’s gonna know I’m really old.

I got my midterm grade. I’m not sure what it really is, but it’s a good grade possibly a “B” or “C”. I’m not sure. :/

I’m not sure what I did or how I did it, but I got a good grade on that group project I flubbed on. I feel like George Costanza. @o@ My first A on that type of assignment too. I hope that doesn’t mean I have to be the default leader. That would be horrible. *shudders*

Feeling not so Beachy Keen —

Feeling not so Beachy Keen

It’s still hot here! My dad wanted to go to the beach. Boring! Yawn! All I end up doing is watching his stuff while he jogs. Then we usually get into a big argument. I declined to go. He never went anyway.

This strange thought came to mind while I was listening “Follow Me to Heaven” about how if I listen to them they will help be become a better hobbyist. And all the chaos that went down during my summer break. That could be the theme song to all that chaos. (should really stop writing about that song)

On October 10th it was the 20th anniversary of the release of “Tragic Kingdom”. I feel that could be one of the albums of a generation. That is the only album that I’ve gone through 3 copies of it. I broke the cassette copy. The first copy I had. Then I cracked my CD copy and I had to get another CD copy. This is one of the few times that digital music came in handy.

Math Charade Masquerade — October 9, 2015

Math Charade Masquerade

My dad is very concerned about my math grade. Now I have to pretend a little more. Especially since he wants to help. Ugh. I can keep it up or admit to him that I dropped the class? He still doesn’t know that I really dropped it 3 weeks ago.

The real problem is that it’s hard to tell him something like that. Because he overreacts to things he’ll be like “you didn’t try hard enough”. He acts a lot like Beverly Goldberg.

I was listening to “Falling Over You” aloud. My mom thought it wasn’t an English language song. That made me laugh so much. I think she thinks I bought Korean Doo-wop CDs or something. I never told her they were Rockapella CDs. @o@ XoX