And a $20 pie! — November 26, 2015

And a $20 pie!

I did manage to get my homework done at night the day before. So all now I have to do is work on my final paper and the observations. I wanna write, but I can’t because I’ve been so busy with homework.

I think I’ll write about what I’m thankful for. Let’s see… That I’m back at college for as long as that may be. That I met my speech teacher. And uh… other stuff… :/

Not Thankful for drama that comes with my secret hobby. Maybe I’ll take a winter break from my secret hobby. I was thinking about how I would describe this experience. It’s like Indiana Jones trying to outrun the giant boulder. I’m just trying not to get flattened.

I watched the parade and the dog show as usual. I was happy I saw the pikachu and Hello Kitty balloons. Al Roker pronounced the name of the city Nogales High school is from correctly good thing they didn’t have Lauer try it again. The Angry Birds balloon was ok. I thought the Frenchie was going to win. Sky Terrier caught me by surprise. Was the dog show always 2 hours? I thought it used to be 3.

I’m ready to get bombarded with Christmas ads. Although they’ve been pretty heavy since a few days before Halloween. Thanksgiving is like the middle child of holidays. It’s in between 2 big holidays Halloween and Christmas. Which are the 2 biggest holidays of the year spending wise. First you buy that $70 sexy plunger costume and then spend $600 on gifts.

All Nighter Anticipation — November 25, 2015

All Nighter Anticipation

I was trying to justify my purchase of “Bash!” to myself I was thinking I’m bringing something new to this. We have to listen to the same old Christmas recordings every year. Even if it is a Rockapella CD and playing it would reveal I’m not a closet fan anymore. It’s funny when my dad tells my mom he wants to buy her something fancy for Christmas and it makes me think of the song “Presents”. XD

Yesterday night I was ready to pull an all nighter. I had my candy and cola. I submitted one assignment at about 11PM, but I still had another one to do. Which would have been great except my internet decided to work when it wanted to. So I’m there half asleep trying to type something while taking cola chugging breaks. I’m pissed off and tired and still not finished and my internet has been working when it wants to for over an hour. I did finish the work, but it would not submit. I ended up waking up at almost 4AM. Somehow I figured out a way to submit it.

Since today is the day before Thanksgiving there was hardly anybody on the bus, at school or in class.

I had a feeling we were going to use both books. So I decided to bring both of them. I got some reading on both of them on bus. One of the books has really large chapters, so I couldn’t read much.

I think I was rocking out “Everything to Me” and “Indiana” too much before class. I think it’s funny when people pretend to know about things that happen when they were very young. This class makes me feel very old.

We had to get in our groups, but there were so few people there It was just me and another girl. So the teacher wanted us to pick a group leader. Since we had both been leader before (and I was worried about my modem) To be fair we decided to rock paper scissors for the role of group leader. She lost. “Good ol’ rock. Nuthin’ beats that!”. I channeled my inner Bart Simpson.

I’m pretty sure this is the last group assignment we have to do online. Hopefully. There is only one week left before finals. And since I posted this after class is over I’m not including the class I just went to today. All I hope for is a good grade; a passing grade. This is a make-up class for a similar class that I failed many years ago. Even though the school counselor told me not to take this class. I didn’t care I still think it’s better than that awful writing class I had to take. The funny thing is my dad thinks I’m interested in psychology or something. Which I’m not it still reminds me of the time when he thought I was very interested in law because I like watching “The People’s Court”.

I knew she was gonna pile on the work since she was so behind on her lecturing. When we went over the book with the thick chapters. I was like “I know this!” I also had some notes I printed out, but I didn’t edit them very well. My mind was wandering again I was thinking about an SNL skit from the 90s and an Animaniacs character. I was thinking about the 90s too much today.

Quite a few people came towards the end of class. It was like why bother going?

My mom said my teacher is like Mr. Ratburn from Arthur because she gave homework over the Thanksgiving break.

Here is a nice little song for you to listen to.

Passive Aggressive Blogging — November 23, 2015

Passive Aggressive Blogging

In class the teacher was talking about Santa and if she wants to tell her daughter about him. Since Santa is sorta tied in with my secret hobby I’m not against this practice and telling children about him. I was thinking about Santa anyway since I had listened to “Bash!” on the bus ride to school. That was not really a good topic to bring up to me. I mentioned the Elf on the Shelf has a Christmas special. That is the second Christmas special I mentioned. Last week I mentioned “A Charlie Brown Christmas“. And for some reason each time I mentioned a special I got strange looks. :/ At least I didn’t mention the Santa hotlines. (A while ago I wrote an article about this.) That would have made me look really old. It was funny when the teacher called Katie Couric “Katie Keurig”. XD

I was thinking about how at the beginning of the semester. I got grouped up with random people. I don’t like my group they are never paying attention. They are always on their phones doing other things. Nobody in my group realizes that I watch game shows for fun like all the time. I may not be good at much, but I’m a game show strategist.

She’s pilling on the homework at the end of the semester which was in one of her reviews, but it was posted after I signed up for her class. Pity. Then I realized I’m probably gonna have to pull an all nighter. So I stocked up on candy. I already have cola on stock.

I thought about all the hobbyist drama. Those people are like drama magnets. But I don’t really want to deal with them right now anyway now that it’s crunch time for the semester. And I don’t want them to know what I’m doing over the winter and pester me.


I Am Milk — November 21, 2015

I Am Milk

I am red hot kitchen

And I am cool

Cool as the deep blue ocean

I’m waiting for you

Still haven’t heard anything from my other group mates. Not even angry text messages. Which I don’t mind getting while I’m listening to Rockapella CDs or something. Then I thought was the group work dumped on me again and I didn’t know it?

So I finally got to listen to “Bash!” It’s so good!

Nogales high school is playing the Macy’s Parade again this year. They appeared in 2008. I hope Matt Lauer doesn’t mispronounce the city they are from like last time.

I realized the headphones I bought are not very good. The volume is too low. I haven’t even tested them in a noisy bus. Oh well the semester is over soon.

Stuff Your Large Head with Candy! — November 19, 2015

Stuff Your Large Head with Candy!

I picked this up for my mom on sale for less than $5. I know it is just molds. My mom wanted it. She has an old Wilton set from the 80s that we still use to make candies. A lot of negative reviews of this product are about people complaining that it didn’t come with candy to use with the set. But we didn’t care. We are already thinking up recipes to make. I’m thinking a tribute to my favorite discontinued candy bars. Hershey’s S’mores, Reese’s Crunchy Cookie Cup, and my own version of a Take 5 bar among other combinations.

I don’t know why in online tutorials people say it’s hard to make your own candy. I think it depends on the type of candy.

I also got some tiny headphones. They are children’s size and actually fit me. I know when I was younger people would make fun of my “large” head. Even though I could wear children’s sized hats well into adulthood. I remember when I saw that episode of Seinfeld “The Andrea Doria”, and I thought I had a large head like Elaine. It’s ok because one of the girls who bullied me about this died in like 1998. (I think it was from some medical complication or something) The funny thing is that I cannot find sunglasses to fit my wide head.

Now since I did enough good behavior I have a chance to listen to my Rockapella CD ^-^ Yay!

Group Punishment —

Group Punishment

I forgot to mention in Fresh off The Boat the Heathcliff vs Garfield thing was more from the 80s that seemed a bit dated. Sometimes the things in the show seem really off the time line of 1995 including the ska movement wasn’t that more of a 1996 thing? And the characters seem to be using more current phrases and that bothers me. It’s not very accurate. I noticed in the past 2 episodes they used early 90s songs “Slam” by Onyx and “Scenario” by A Tribe Called Quest.

In the morning when I woke up I dreaded there would be group work. Part of me could feel it. Especially since we hadn’t read the other book in a while. I told myself I’m going to change myself for this project, so I need to stand up for myself and say I don’t want to be group leader. I was thinking about the Arthur cartoon “Popular Girls”. I needed to be more like Sue Ellen (normal personalty) and less like Fern (normal personalty).

What is the deal with the bus on Wednesday!? This is not a Seinfeld impersonation. It seems to be only crowded on Wednesday, but not on Monday. Oh well the semester is ending soon.

So I took this music survey, and I felt old because I don’t use music services I like ripped physical CDs.

In class the teacher said only 8 people turned in an assignment. I was in that group of 8 people, but I wasn’t sure what to do. I just made sure I turned something in. But when she explained the work I know I messed up. Luckily she gave an extension.

I was still having feelings of dread about being group leader again.

She was telling us that she saw a commercial that had somebody that was close to her age. How old was the person she saw? Like 40? She hurt herself imitating somebody exercising in a commercial. There’s the problem right there she was imitating something she saw in a commercial. I mean I like to imitate things I see in commercials too like eating chicken nuggets or making biscuit sandwiches.

When the other students say she is old and she gets mad it makes me think about Jessie from Pokémon

and Ursula from Dinosaur King.

When they say that about her I think it’s really funny since we are so close in age. I mean I could not stop laughing. Because then it means I’m old too. I was thinking about how we are 2 years apart and not really 3 like I thought since her birthday is in November and mine is in January. It reminded me of the “Brooklyn 99″ episode”The Apartment” when Jake points at the bald guy. Then it made me wonder how old she thinks I am. Perhaps she knows I made references to old things in my writing for my project and not just Rockapella songs. I don’t like to tell people at school my age because I’m like 10 years older than them. It makes me feel self conscious.

When she told us we were having group work I was all “I knew it!” But it was not just my group other groups were also having internal problems with choosing a group leader. Then my group got mad at me because I messed up the last assignment. I don’t care I did my time and the last time I did do it I reluctantly volunteered. And if they had a problem with the job I did with that assignment why didn’t they take it up with me in early October?! So they wanted me to have to do it again because I messed up. To quote Elaine from The Seven “What?! This is your solution?!”. In actuality I was hoping they would think the opposite that I screwed up so baldy I would not have to do it again. XoX The thing that really pisses me off is why some members of the group get a free pass and I don’t?! I don’t care if they were mad I need to assert myself. There was some statement about the over commercialization of Christmas in the text book. When the statement was read I could see Charlie Brown and Linus at the artificial tree lot. When I mentioned that everybody in the group gave me a weird look. With all the Peanuts marketing for the movie how could you not think about their other cartoons? The worse part was the group leader lucked out with an easy assignment! XoX X-X @o@

On the bus ride home I noticed my headphones were breaking. 😦

I’ve been having a lot of strange thoughts today. Should I be writing them down? :/

My blog entries might suck for 2 weeks because I have to record stuff for class again. I’ll try to come up with supplemental material if I can.

Bad Behavior Bash — November 18, 2015

Bad Behavior Bash

My copy of the “Bash!” CD came and my dad is so nosy and really wanted to know what it was. That was really fast! I was expecting it to come next week. I won’t listen to it because I plan to use this CD for my project even though I already paid for and ordered it, and it came to my apartment already. But that doesn’t mean I can’t read the liner notes.

Now that I have undertake my project on Wednesday I decided to be “bad” I wanted to do all the stuff I can’t do once I use those things as rewards. It’s like a bachelor party for my bad behavior.

Fluke Wings — November 16, 2015

Fluke Wings

It was cold and windy today. I’m not sure why the people here find the weather very crippling. This is the kind of stuff people in other states make fun of us for. The rain too, but there was no rain. So like nobody goes out. The teacher complained about not a lot of people being in class. Plus the semester is winding down so people who didn’t officially drop the class stop coming.

They were talking about Friends before class. I was thinking about Chandler and wanted some Funyuns. Then I wrote “I’m so Chandler!” Which I thought was really funny for some reason. Somebody in class mentioned that the study abroad trip this semester was in France. I considered going, but I never signed up or anything. I felt my French was too rusty. I think either last semester or the next they have the program going to Australia. They speak English there.

Since she had mentioned last class that today would be group work. It was posters! I kinda called it in a previous blog. Somebody else assumed that too, so I wasn’t alone. I wanted to draw on the poster, but I didn’t speak up again. The thing that they wanted on the poster I could have drawn too. o_O But I was all like “Whateves!” At least I got the part I wanted to talk about! ^-^ I sort of spoke up about that.

The teacher was really getting into the presentations today. It caught me off guard. @o@ XoX Then she said the class could be like a speech class. I thought you are “Not my former speech teacher!” Well at least I didn’t think about “Glow Worm” this time. I’m usually not good at that kind of stuff. Usually I wing the part I didn’t want, fidget with my clothes, and then usually flub what I was going to say. For some reason I’m not sure if it was nerves, being in the back of the room, or just my old eyesight, but when I talked everything looked blurry.

For some reason she really liked what I said. I winged it and what I said was totally a fluke. She said people like vulnerability? Who? What people!? I find most like to exploit it. She wants to meet my inner genki girl? Is it safe for them to meet? She is a highly guarded part my personality, and honestly I have not found a reason for her to be seen in that class.

After I asked her about the final paper I think what I had been writing was wrong. It was a good thing she cleared it up because I think I already wrote 4 pages.  It’s fine I can just edit it. I’m not sure where I’m going with it and where she wants us to go with it.

Schedule Check — November 15, 2015

Schedule Check

I’m seriously pissed at facebook because it will not let me leave comments in Chrome or Firefox.

I’ve been slacking off on my psych homework and sending awkward texts to my project partner. I don’t like doing the check in thing. If I didn’t have to do that I could finish my assignment so much faster.

I gotta prepare for the group work tomorrow mentally. Boring! I’ll try not to think about the song “Glow Worm” this week. The chapter we are covering this week is short anyway.

Anyway the Chargers had a bye week this week. That’s why I saw the Chiefs vs Broncos game and the Vikings vs Raiders game this week.

My list of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Top 10 Informants — November 14, 2015

My list of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Top 10 Informants

These are in no particular order. I think somebody else may have compiled a list like this, but this is mine with my own spin on it. :P.

1. Kafka: Back when I was a kid I didn’t get the reference of the name of the character. I just thought it was a silly talking cockroach. I wish the cockroaches at my apartment provided geography based clues and said “Awful!” Or talked even instead of scurrying around by the fridge and eating potato chip crumbs.

2. Mrs. Pumpkinklanger: He/She was so funny! Especially since Barry talked in a high voice that to me sounded a little like Julia Child. I used to say that she wore curlers like my mom.

3. Greg’s Mom: I’m pretty sure she only appeared in the episode “Tango Mysterioso”. The look on Greg’s face is priceless when he sees her on the monitor.

4. Nana Rap: Before The Wedding Singer movie made rapping grannies popular there was Nana Rap. Greg would dance along to her clue, the children in the audience would dance, and I would dance watching at home. When she would rap it was just like a big dance party that only rivaled the ending with the dancing on the giant map. I remember that song about the 5 largest islands in the world when her, Rockapella, and Greg rapped/sang that song.

5. Bite and Scratch: A favorite from childhood. Animated cats rapping about geography? Yes please! I danced along to their clues too.

6. The Amazing Disgusting Blob: I really liked this informant as a kid for some reason. I knew it was just a cheesy inflatable puppet in a trash can, but to me it just looked so silly.

7. The Dying Informant (portrayed by Scott Leonard): There were a few other dying informants, but most of the time this role was played by Scott. The over acting by him was so hilarious. I’m not sure who was trying to out act each other him or Greg.

8. Plastic Diver Guy: “He lives a life of danger our underwater ranger the one and only plastic diver guy!” I love his intro with the little cartoon drawings. He was sort of like Mr. Bill. Once the ominous music played at the end of his segment you knew he was going to get hurt in some way like with canned meat or troll dolls.

9. Edwina: She’s a cute character that is Greg’s neighbor who may or may not have a crush on him.

10. The Acmettes: Like Rockapella they did song parodies. They mostly did 1960s girl group wall of sound style songs.