I always talk about looking ugly on Halloween. I get to be ugly for some reason that appeals to me. I used to be told when I was younger about how ugly I look I was strange as a teenager I usually didn’t want cute, pretty, flirty, or sexy Halloween costumes. I wanted the ugly ones. Supposedly a female is brave if she chooses to dress as something ugly. I think it’s more about your mindset. If you already feel ugly for the rest of the year you would probably have no problem dressing up as something uglier for Halloween. It’s the same thing with sexy costumes. If you wear sexy outfits all year then wearing a sexy costume would not really be a big deal for you.

After I thought about it I remembered how quiet I’ve been for years. Due to a lack of speaking I communicated in other ways. Especially with clothes including Halloween costumes. Some people like to use alcohol or drugs to loosen up around people. I like sugar. I remembered that was the reason I would have so much candy on me for speech class. So Halloween is just a combination of 2 things I like/use to be social costumes and candy. And who can argue with that!?

Thanksgiving is coming soon. Now I can listen to “Thank you Thanksgiving” I love that song!

So my 2 assignments finally got graded. then I wondered if my teacher read my blog because I explicitly wrote about things that happened in class. But I didn’t get a comment about writing about Rockapella songs too much on my assignment so that is a relief. I’m not gonna question it… *whistles nonchalantly*But I got “A”s on those assignments so I’m happy.

I started to sing “Won’t be Long” to my mom and she wanted to know why they were singing about Oleo. Which is an old type of margarine. She is so silly! 😛