Last week I was thinking why don’t I wear mascara more often or at all. So I put some on today. Not too much though I didn’t want “spider eyes”. Like 2 coats. It was barely noticeable. Perhaps I will feel brave enough to wear some to school. Then I remembered why I don’t like it. It’s hard to take off.

I was at the store looking at all the toys they are stocking for Christmas. I noticed there are quite a bit of Shopkins in stock for now. Or are the stores anticipating this? I have a thing about bucked toothed animals. I think I really want the mouse Monster High doll.

I was thinking about how I want to move back to somewhere with a porch so I could dress up for Halloween in a great costume and hand out candy.

Now I got hit a bad case of writer’s block and it’s not because of psych class homework. It just makes me feel frustrated.