It was cold and windy today. I’m not sure why the people here find the weather very crippling. This is the kind of stuff people in other states make fun of us for. The rain too, but there was no rain. So like nobody goes out. The teacher complained about not a lot of people being in class. Plus the semester is winding down so people who didn’t officially drop the class stop coming.

They were talking about Friends before class. I was thinking about Chandler and wanted some Funyuns. Then I wrote “I’m so Chandler!” Which I thought was really funny for some reason. Somebody in class mentioned that the study abroad trip this semester was in France. I considered going, but I never signed up or anything. I felt my French was too rusty. I think either last semester or the next they have the program going to Australia. They speak English there.

Since she had mentioned last class that today would be group work. It was posters! I kinda called it in a previous blog. Somebody else assumed that too, so I wasn’t alone. I wanted to draw on the poster, but I didn’t speak up again. The thing that they wanted on the poster I could have drawn too. o_O But I was all like “Whateves!” At least I got the part I wanted to talk about! ^-^ I sort of spoke up about that.

The teacher was really getting into the presentations today. It caught me off guard. @o@ XoX Then she said the class could be like a speech class. I thought you are “Not my former speech teacher!” Well at least I didn’t think about “Glow Worm” this time. I’m usually not good at that kind of stuff. Usually I wing the part I didn’t want, fidget with my clothes, and then usually flub what I was going to say. For some reason I’m not sure if it was nerves, being in the back of the room, or just my old eyesight, but when I talked everything looked blurry.

For some reason she really liked what I said. I winged it and what I said was totally a fluke. She said people like vulnerability? Who? What people!? I find most like to exploit it. She wants to meet my inner genki girl? Is it safe for them to meet? She is a highly guarded part my personality, and honestly I have not found a reason for her to be seen in that class.

After I asked her about the final paper I think what I had been writing was wrong. It was a good thing she cleared it up because I think I already wrote 4 pages.  It’s fine I can just edit it. I’m not sure where I’m going with it and where she wants us to go with it.