I forgot to mention in Fresh off The Boat the Heathcliff vs Garfield thing was more from the 80s that seemed a bit dated. Sometimes the things in the show seem really off the time line of 1995 including the ska movement wasn’t that more of a 1996 thing? And the characters seem to be using more current phrases and that bothers me. It’s not very accurate. I noticed in the past 2 episodes they used early 90s songs “Slam” by Onyx and “Scenario” by A Tribe Called Quest.

In the morning when I woke up I dreaded there would be group work. Part of me could feel it. Especially since we hadn’t read the other book in a while. I told myself I’m going to change myself for this project, so I need to stand up for myself and say I don’t want to be group leader. I was thinking about the Arthur cartoon “Popular Girls”. I needed to be more like Sue Ellen (normal personalty) and less like Fern (normal personalty).

What is the deal with the bus on Wednesday!? This is not a Seinfeld impersonation. It seems to be only crowded on Wednesday, but not on Monday. Oh well the semester is ending soon.

So I took this music survey, and I felt old because I don’t use music services I like ripped physical CDs.

In class the teacher said only 8 people turned in an assignment. I was in that group of 8 people, but I wasn’t sure what to do. I just made sure I turned something in. But when she explained the work I know I messed up. Luckily she gave an extension.

I was still having feelings of dread about being group leader again.

She was telling us that she saw a commercial that had somebody that was close to her age. How old was the person she saw? Like 40? She hurt herself imitating somebody exercising in a commercial. There’s the problem right there she was imitating something she saw in a commercial. I mean I like to imitate things I see in commercials too like eating chicken nuggets or making biscuit sandwiches.

When the other students say she is old and she gets mad it makes me think about Jessie from Pokémon

and Ursula from Dinosaur King.

When they say that about her I think it’s really funny since we are so close in age. I mean I could not stop laughing. Because then it means I’m old too. I was thinking about how we are 2 years apart and not really 3 like I thought since her birthday is in November and mine is in January. It reminded me of the “Brooklyn 99″ episode”The Apartment” when Jake points at the bald guy. Then it made me wonder how old she thinks I am. Perhaps she knows I made references to old things in my writing for my project and not just Rockapella songs. I don’t like to tell people at school my age because I’m like 10 years older than them. It makes me feel self conscious.

When she told us we were having group work I was all “I knew it!” But it was not just my group other groups were also having internal problems with choosing a group leader. Then my group got mad at me because I messed up the last assignment. I don’t care I did my time and the last time I did do it I reluctantly volunteered. And if they had a problem with the job I did with that assignment why didn’t they take it up with me in early October?! So they wanted me to have to do it again because I messed up. To quote Elaine from The Seven “What?! This is your solution?!”. In actuality I was hoping they would think the opposite that I screwed up so baldy I would not have to do it again. XoX The thing that really pisses me off is why some members of the group get a free pass and I don’t?! I don’t care if they were mad I need to assert myself. There was some statement about the over commercialization of Christmas in the text book. When the statement was read I could see Charlie Brown and Linus at the artificial tree lot. When I mentioned that everybody in the group gave me a weird look. With all the Peanuts marketing for the movie how could you not think about their other cartoons? The worse part was the group leader lucked out with an easy assignment! XoX X-X @o@

On the bus ride home I noticed my headphones were breaking. 😦

I’ve been having a lot of strange thoughts today. Should I be writing them down? :/

My blog entries might suck for 2 weeks because I have to record stuff for class again. I’ll try to come up with supplemental material if I can.