I picked this up for my mom on sale for less than $5. I know it is just molds. My mom wanted it. She has an old Wilton set from the 80s that we still use to make candies. A lot of negative reviews of this product are about people complaining that it didn’t come with candy to use with the set. But we didn’t care. We are already thinking up recipes to make. I’m thinking a tribute to my favorite discontinued candy bars. Hershey’s S’mores, Reese’s Crunchy Cookie Cup, and my own version of a Take 5 bar among other combinations.

I don’t know why in online tutorials people say it’s hard to make your own candy. I think it depends on the type of candy.

I also got some tiny headphones. They are children’s size and actually fit me. I know when I was younger people would make fun of my “large” head. Even though I could wear children’s sized hats well into adulthood. I remember when I saw that episode of Seinfeld “The Andrea Doria”, and I thought I had a large head like Elaine. It’s ok because one of the girls who bullied me about this died in like 1998. (I think it was from some medical complication or something) The funny thing is that I cannot find sunglasses to fit my wide head.

Now since I did enough good behavior I have a chance to listen to my Rockapella CD ^-^ Yay!