I was trying to justify my purchase of “Bash!” to myself I was thinking I’m bringing something new to this. We have to listen to the same old Christmas recordings every year. Even if it is a Rockapella CD and playing it would reveal I’m not a closet fan anymore. It’s funny when my dad tells my mom he wants to buy her something fancy for Christmas and it makes me think of the song “Presents”. XD

Yesterday night I was ready to pull an all nighter. I had my candy and cola. I submitted one assignment at about 11PM, but I still had another one to do. Which would have been great except my internet decided to work when it wanted to. So I’m there half asleep trying to type something while taking cola chugging breaks. I’m pissed off and tired and still not finished and my internet has been working when it wants to for over an hour. I did finish the work, but it would not submit. I ended up waking up at almost 4AM. Somehow I figured out a way to submit it.

Since today is the day before Thanksgiving there was hardly anybody on the bus, at school or in class.

I had a feeling we were going to use both books. So I decided to bring both of them. I got some reading on both of them on bus. One of the books has really large chapters, so I couldn’t read much.

I think I was rocking out “Everything to Me” and “Indiana” too much before class. I think it’s funny when people pretend to know about things that happen when they were very young. This class makes me feel very old.

We had to get in our groups, but there were so few people there It was just me and another girl. So the teacher wanted us to pick a group leader. Since we had both been leader before (and I was worried about my modem) To be fair we decided to rock paper scissors for the role of group leader. She lost. “Good ol’ rock. Nuthin’ beats that!”. I channeled my inner Bart Simpson.

I’m pretty sure this is the last group assignment we have to do online. Hopefully. There is only one week left before finals. And since I posted this after class is over I’m not including the class I just went to today. All I hope for is a good grade; a passing grade. This is a make-up class for a similar class that I failed many years ago. Even though the school counselor told me not to take this class. I didn’t care I still think it’s better than that awful writing class I had to take. The funny thing is my dad thinks I’m interested in psychology or something. Which I’m not it still reminds me of the time when he thought I was very interested in law because I like watching “The People’s Court”.

I knew she was gonna pile on the work since she was so behind on her lecturing. When we went over the book with the thick chapters. I was like “I know this!” I also had some notes I printed out, but I didn’t edit them very well. My mind was wandering again I was thinking about an SNL skit from the 90s and an Animaniacs character. I was thinking about the 90s too much today.

Quite a few people came towards the end of class. It was like why bother going?

My mom said my teacher is like Mr. Ratburn from Arthur because she gave homework over the Thanksgiving break.

Here is a nice little song for you to listen to.