I did manage to get my homework done at night the day before. So all now I have to do is work on my final paper and the observations. I wanna write, but I can’t because I’ve been so busy with homework.

I think I’ll write about what I’m thankful for. Let’s see… That I’m back at college for as long as that may be. That I met my speech teacher. And uh… other stuff… :/

Not Thankful for drama that comes with my secret hobby. Maybe I’ll take a winter break from my secret hobby. I was thinking about how I would describe this experience. It’s like Indiana Jones trying to outrun the giant boulder. I’m just trying not to get flattened.

I watched the parade and the dog show as usual. I was happy I saw the pikachu and Hello Kitty balloons. Al Roker pronounced the name of the city Nogales High school is from correctly good thing they didn’t have Lauer try it again. The Angry Birds balloon was ok. I thought the Frenchie was going to win. Sky Terrier caught me by surprise. Was the dog show always 2 hours? I thought it used to be 3.

I’m ready to get bombarded with Christmas ads. Although they’ve been pretty heavy since a few days before Halloween. Thanksgiving is like the middle child of holidays. It’s in between 2 big holidays Halloween and Christmas. Which are the 2 biggest holidays of the year spending wise. First you buy that $70 sexy plunger costume and then spend $600 on gifts.