Fatty Purple Prose — November 13, 2015

Fatty Purple Prose

I have to write a paper about the process of my psych project and it needs to be at least 5 pages and she won’t let us play around with the font. 😦

So if worse comes to worse and I can’t think of anything to write to make if 5 pages so far I have 1 and a half. Then I’ll just “pad” the paper. I haven’t done that in years. I think since high school. For research type stuff I do it with creative writing all the time.

No bad luck for me today although my mom did have some.

I’m almost finished with the entry I’ve been teasing. I’ve been working on it when I should be working on my homework.

Celebrity Cookie Eating Dream — November 12, 2015

Celebrity Cookie Eating Dream

I was having this really great and intense dream about cookies. A celebrity and I were eating cookies. Usually when I have those types of dreams I get dissed by the celebrity, but not this time. They had some very nice and encouraging words for me. I haven’t had a celebrity cookie eating dream in years. Like since junior high or high school. It’s been a while I’d say at least 15 years. The dream was getting really intense. It was like the dreams this character has in a J-drama I watch. Until I got a text message from my cousin. Which is fine and all there was no major family problem or anything. Too bad I didn’t get to spend Halloween with my little cousin. That still makes me really sad 😥 even though Halloween is over.

According to dream moods cookies mean that I’m letting trivial matters annoy me. Which is true if you’ve been reading my blog for the past week.

My phone is so old! It’s 5 years old! Anyway it’s crammed with text messages. It does not have a lot of memory capacity. It’s not even a smart phone. I’m lucky that thing gets internet. I really don’t know why I save all those old text messages.

I want to buy more Rockapella CDs, but I need more Amazon gift cards. I’ve been using them to buy school books and Rockapella CDs. And I’m going to use their CDs for my behavior modification project as a reward.

My mom thinks I’m crazy because I want to take an educational vacation if I had the money. And not just a guided tour or something I mean really learn something. Ok hobbyist educational programs.

Not Welcome Back! (from me) — November 11, 2015

Not Welcome Back! (from me)

So I got over my writer’s block, but it was when my psych homework was due. Luckily I turned it in 14 hours in advance.The hardest part is text messaging my partner. Now I can work on writing what I was trying to work on sporadically.  It’s gonna be a great entry.

Then I remembered next class we are going to group work again! >o< I hope it’s not posters! Maybe this week I should not try to read the book while trying to watch football.

And that person is back! Damn! Spoke too soon! 😥 Depending on how they took the situation I’m curious to see how they return. Or perhaps all the accumulated drama has made the person ostracize themselves? Only time will tell.

Not so Pure Apple Soda — November 10, 2015

Not so Pure Apple Soda

So Wienerschnitzel is selling green apple soda. They just added some green apple syrup in some Sierra Mist. It’s really gross. You can taste the lime. Let’s just say lemon lime and green apple flavor don’t mix.

It made me long for green apple wine coolers which are no longer produced. Honestly I just really like a good green apple soda. Ever since I tasted that Yoshi green apple soda in the 90s.

Doritos and Glow Worm — November 9, 2015

Doritos and Glow Worm

I decided to wear mascara to school today.  When I was putting it on I got mascara on my nose. Luckily I wiped it off.

Then when I got on the bus my headphone cord got caught on somebody’s bag

So me listening to “Indiana” is like Elaine’s boyfriend in the Seinfeld episode “The Checks” who would space out when “Desperado” came on. I’d listen to the all “Indiana” station if such a thing existed.

More group work today @o@ I was suspicious when I noticed the slides were sparse. :/ It doesn’t matter I still hate group work. And there are none for the next chapter. Which means even more group work. 😥 We mostly played games, but I thought most of them were kinda boring.

So this guy in another group was trying to psych out my group. To block him out I was thinking about random things. While I was humming “Glow Worm” to myself in class. I was also thinking about Doritos because I wanted to eat some after class. He was wearing a Cromartie jersey with a Padres hat. When I think of Cromartie I think of a robot that was portrayed by Garret Dillahunt. I watched way too much Terminator. When I spoke in front of the class I flubbed again. Ok so maybe sometimes my showmanship is not as good as I think it is. There is always room for improvement.

Now that I’m not being bossed around about my secret hobby. Now I’m gonna take it even more easier. I think that was really improper grammar. I should really focus more on school.

Gone! (With Low Expectations) —

Gone! (With Low Expectations)

I was thinking about how last year I was dealing with a broken computer. I started my pursuit of my secret hobby. Back in early December. Then that annoying person thought I had already given up. But all I had was a computer being repaired. And it took like a week. What high expectations they had for me!

Well it doesn’t matter anymore because they are gone!

I was thinking about when I was a kid and I used to like to mix some not all of the sodas at the self serve fountain. Then when I was a sophomore somebody in high school told me doing that was stupid and childish. So I stopped. The funny thing it now there are “recipes” for this on the internet. Apparently I was not alone.

I got notice that my copy of “Bash” has been shipped from Japan. I wonder how long it will take to get here? If my calculations are correct it should arrive sometime around Thanksgiving.

Secret Mascara — November 6, 2015

Secret Mascara

Last week I was thinking why don’t I wear mascara more often or at all. So I put some on today. Not too much though I didn’t want “spider eyes”. Like 2 coats. It was barely noticeable. Perhaps I will feel brave enough to wear some to school. Then I remembered why I don’t like it. It’s hard to take off.

I was at the store looking at all the toys they are stocking for Christmas. I noticed there are quite a bit of Shopkins in stock for now. Or are the stores anticipating this? I have a thing about bucked toothed animals. I think I really want the mouse Monster High doll.

I was thinking about how I want to move back to somewhere with a porch so I could dress up for Halloween in a great costume and hand out candy.

Now I got hit a bad case of writer’s block and it’s not because of psych class homework. It just makes me feel frustrated.


Free AM Cruchwrap — November 5, 2015

Free AM Cruchwrap

Now that a certain person is out of my life I’m so excited I could vomit I’ve never been that excited before. Not when I went to my first No Doubt show or met Shirley Manson. Those were more feelings of awe.

I went to get my free AM Cruchwrap. The AM Cruchwrap was ok because it was free but I would not pay full price for one. I got a bacon one. I think I could make these at home they smelled burned. Which they use to seal it. I know there are recipes to make your own version. It was more about the bad experience at the Taco Bell. I don’t like that location it’s poorly run.

There were a lot more people there because this promotion had a lot more promotion with World Series commercials and such. Isn’t Taco Bell an MLB sponsor? I think much more promotion than the free biscuit taco on Cinco de Mayo. Since the place was understaffed people saw the huge line and left.


But I did take a photo of it. But you can’t see what’s inside it. I should have taken another photo after I had bitten it. Oh well! @o@

To me it tasted better than the biscuit taco though. It tasted like it had real eggs in it as opposed to the biscuit taco that tasted like it had fake eggs in it.

Thanks Lorenzo Cain!

Relax! —


The bus was late again, but no mommies and babies this time. I was late to class by 2 minutes. I think I need to take a different bus at a different time. The teacher asked how do you feel when something good happens to you I’m not sure I usually feel incredibly superstitious. Wait it’s “Chaotic Randomness”! Yeah! How could I forget that! (I couldn’t remember that in class though) XoX Then were talking about relaxation tension pressure points.  I was thinking about that silly skit from World where Greg has 3 arms. XoX My mind wanders in class way too much. @o@

She showed us a picture of her baby in her Halloween costume. Her baby is so cute and chubby! The class is giving me feels.

Then I was listening to “Tokyo Yo-Yo” and my mom asked why they were singing about shorts. XD I bought a copy of the “Bash” album it will be something good to listen to at Christmas time. How long did it take “Vocobeat” and “To NY” to arrive?

Perhaps my shyness is really a bigger problem? I feel like this cartoon.


Aside from that I found this website article. I thought it was interesting, but very true.


Something great happened related to my secret hobby. I feel relaxed and peaceful! I don’t feel as discouraged anymore.

*Listens to “Follow Me to Heaven” on repeat*

Lots of Space — November 4, 2015

Lots of Space

It was raining a lot here. Lighting and thunder. It’s the kind of weather that is good for napping.

I still have the problem of still not having enough songs to fill up my MP3 player with.

I found that rough draft of what I was looking for. So watch this space for that.