Some Last Thoughts on 2015 — December 31, 2015

Some Last Thoughts on 2015

UTB didn’t show any New Years programming I was interested in this year.

Why does it seem like the tv channels choose celebrities I don’t like to host New Years Eve programming? I don’t care for Pitbull or Seacrest they both seem to be “everywhere”. I mean you could seemingly watch about 5 hours of programming with Ryan Seacrest hosting. *shudders*. That’s right it was 20 years ago he was rude to me in 1995 and I’ll never forget it! (in a bad way)

I’m still stressed out about making the deadline for college. Well I can fill out my paperwork tomorrow. I was really thinking about it after I had a stress dream about it. I was dreaming about a ruler which according to the dream dictionary means that you feel you are not measuring up to the standards of others. Then I thought about it again while I was listening to “NYC Summa”.

For those of you who watch the Rose Parade there is a digital program. Here.

Unapologetic Me (2015 Didn’t Suck) — December 30, 2015

Unapologetic Me (2015 Didn’t Suck)

I decided next year or maybe as soon as possible.

All I need to really do is be a lot more comfortable with being myself, but you know not being a jerk or anything. I’m worried about being too something. Too old, too immature, too weak, too ugly, too nerdy, too fat, too stupid, too slow moving, too indecisive, too bitchy, too shy, too quiet, too loud, too me?

I found this entry from late last year before I moved blogging platforms. I like nice broad goal topics. So it’s not too confining. And I did accomplish it with my psychology project. I realized that I’m more functional than I make myself out to be. But there is room for improvement.

But I can honestly say I’m satisfied with my progress this year. I got 2 general education classes out of the way. I wish it would have been 4, but I’ll take what I can get. I raised that not so great GPA. I met some great people and some not so great people.

I progressed a little in my secret hobby which I’m satisfied with, but I always write about that and you are probably tired reading about that.

Sometimes you get advice from the most unlikely of places. ^-^

Rockapella Retaliation — December 29, 2015

Rockapella Retaliation

I noticed once I put on my Rockapella CDs then the neighbor’s music started. And they were playing it loudly. I was retaliating with Rockapella music. This is another reason why I wanted their CDs so I could sing along with their songs poorly. I like to listen to their CDs when my parents aren’t home especially my dad because I know he would totally make fun of me for liking their music or any kind of music like that. It’s old, it’s not heavy, and it had no instruments. My mom says it sounds like old Doo Wop music.

Of course I sang along.

It’s like that scene from the Seinfeld episode The Slicer when Elaine tries to block out the cat meows with her music and dances to “Slow Ride” while she folds her socks.

I deserve it I had to put up with them listening to “Gangnam Style” contentiously on a loop for a whole year! >0<

End of Year Miscellaneous Blog —

End of Year Miscellaneous Blog

I was gonna write a nice reflective blog, but I’ll save that for a few days from now.

I want to say that Festive brand turkey loaf things are really good.

I was going to buy some more Rockapella CDs on Amazon until I remembered I promised my mom that I would not buy anymore of their CDs after my copy of “Out Cold” came for the rest of the year. But now I can’t decide what to buy for my next CD perhaps the Carmen Sandeigo soundtrack? or “Don’t Tell Me You Do”?

I was thinking about all the stuff I want to get rid of like things I’m trying to sell online. I never realized how much stuff I accumulated and want to get rid of. Which I really need to do and get some writing done on the side. I’m still very worried about getting back in to college.


Soon to be Nostalgic for 1996 — December 27, 2015

Soon to be Nostalgic for 1996

I really wanted platform penny loafers. I thought wearing platform shoes made me look grown up. I put up with a lot in the name of fashion. It’s ok because I was in junior high. Especially since I sprained my right ankle in 1995. Now I hardly touch platform shoes.

I had long hair. At first I really wanted to grow it out in late 1995, but for some reason it was pissing people off. I was still growing it out in ’96, but getting frustrated with it because it kept getting in the way. I kept getting food in my hair. It took me 4 more years to realize that I didn’t want long hair anymore.

I didn’t mention all those girly smelling lotions and body spray, or the movie Space Jam.

I’m not going to reiterate my article about fashion which you can read here.

I started listening to rock modern music. Well modern for the time. That is the year I got into No Doubt and Garbage. I heard my first No Doubt song in 1996, “Just a Girl”. There were lots of good songs that came out that year; like “DJ Girl”, “Peaches”, “Areoplane”, “California Love”, “Life in Mono”, “Free to Decide”, “6 Underground”, “Champagne Supernova, “C’ Mon N’ Ride It (The Train)”, “My Boo”, and a bunch of other songs that will come to me after this entry is published.

When I look back on it all that seems to come back to me is being an awkward tween. I had no idea who I was and who I wanted to be besides being fashionable. I remember being made fun of because I used to know a lot about world events for some reason. I think that tied into my love for geography. This was also the year I discovered my one of my nemesis variables in math equations.


Angels and Turtles —

Angels and Turtles

I was thinking about some hobbyist who accused people of giving up and then they did and then I ended up staying with it. Strange? I still don’t like that a lot of people are making that person out to look like an angel. If you are a passionate jerk that still doesn’t make you any nicer.

A fast progression as admirable and such. As fast and hard as you can take it. It makes you feel more secure more established more real. Then I won’t be so good. For some reason I was thinking about that No Doubt song “You Can Do It”.

I’m not looking at it from a competition standpoint, There is a lot a person can get done in a year. Accumulating all the things you need. Taking relevant educational trips things like that. Who is to really judge what is good or bad? Then I thought maybe they were taking out their anger out on me in a way because even if they were progressing quickly they wanted to even faster. I think they had a feeling of “feeling behind”.

I feel like a turtle, but in a good way. I’m Toby Tortoise. Who knows I might run into Jenny Wren? These are the kind of things that are told to children. Slow and steady means things will be more thought out. And perhaps the reward will be so much more grand, but how slow is too slow?

When I was linking old posts to the ones to my Christmas loot blog entry I noticed my Brick House Pig entry I was feeling down in the dumps and felt I needed to prove something. I’m progressing slowly believe me or not it’s your choice. I should not need to prove anything to anyone, but myself. Who happens to be my own biggest fan and worst critic all rolled into one. And the thought of that terrifies me.

I think I’ll add the songs “Give” by Rockapella and “You Can Do It” by No Doubt to my hobbyist playlist.


Presents to Myself — December 25, 2015

Presents to Myself

Since this is an Christmas loot blog entry there will be no inane fan girl rants.

DJ was strapped in there really well. If you want to see a picture of her in the unopened box you can see that here.

I was going to take off her clothes, but then I realized it was going to be hard to put back on her fishnet sleeved hoodie. Here she is with all her accessories.

She has really big feet! Her shoes were even too big for Draculaura. Compared to other dolls I’ve had in the past she is very cheap feeling. Which is surprising especially since she is made by Hasbro. Although growing up I never owned a Jem or Maxie doll. Her legs are ball jointed at the hips though.

Stella is wearing Twyla’s shoes and Twyla is wearing DJ’s shoes.

I took this silly picture of her DJing. Who knew my doll sized turntables would come in handy some day? Those are just really old doll accessories from the 1980s.

This is what the stencils look like I drew them with a pencil. I tested the markers and they work too, but I ‘m not going to color the dress. The pink is more neon the scanner washed it out.

You can see a picture of Twyla’s box here.

Since she was posed in that position for who knows how long. The copyright says 2013 on the box. So that means that the arm that was bent in that position for 2 years The bent arm keeps falling out of the socket.

The trapper keeper thing she came with looks like the one that came with my Picture Day Lagoona doll.

Poor Howleen who has been somewhat trapped in that box for 1 year. Once I freed her out of the box her hair looked all tangled.

Here is Harelow’s box.

She is so cute! Her dress has rabbits printed on it.

Here are the 4 dolls.

These are all the blind bags I bought myself over the past few months.

In the blind bag I got Asbury Raspberry. In the blind basket I got Toni Topper and Suzie Sushi.

I got the other Dairy Queen set and a Mrs. Field’s set with a giant cookie.

I finally opened that Babs and Apple Bloom set and I got a glittery blind bag Pinkie Pie. I searched for a Pinkie.

They eat apples of course. The apples are out of scale because they are Barbie apples.

And that is all the stuff I bought for myself.

Then I played with my dolls for 2 hours. I was like a little kid.

I wanted to open my presents while listening to the song “Presents”. But I didn’t. I got some money, gift cards (including the Amazon one I wanted) and some rum.

Too bad Antenna TV didn’t show the Mister Ed Christmas episode. I did see The Monkees one twice today.

I wanted to write a great joke Christmas facebook status like last year to top it. But I couldn’t think of anything good. 😦

I ate a lot of ham for dinner. I got so full. @o@


The Hidden Beauty of an INFP — December 24, 2015

The Hidden Beauty of an INFP

Don’t worry this isn’t your typical mopey INFP blog post like many of them happen to be. Not just by me but other INFPs as well.

I was thinking about my last blog ranting about the lack of fan love Greg gets and how I may have made it look like a cause or something. That is so INFP of me it’s not even funny. But why confine myself to just four letters? 😛

Now for the beauty side of it.

I don’t know why but I was reading these heartbreaking stories about women who were teased about being ugly. I know that feeling. Don’t look at me! *covers face with hands* I’ll just hide in the background and slink in the shadows. I’ve been told I’m “cute” sometimes and “pretty” is uncommon. But I’ve never gotten “beautiful”. Not even to myself. I’m so forgiving to my inner child why can’t I be more forgiving to other aspects of my personality? Especially grown up me since that is the part of myself that is here living in the present.

I found the box of unopened toys I was storing and there were quite a few toys in it. Let’s just call it “various toys I’ve accumulated over the past few months”. I noticed I collected a lot of them for my behavior modification project. Which I never bothered using for reinforcement. Well I’m off that plan now. Except for the Twyla, DJ and Harelow dolls. I purposely bought those for Christmas, and I can’t wait to open them. Howleen who I never really freed from her box. Since like 2014. I got her like a month after my hospital stay. Pictures, summaries and reviews up tomorrow. In my Christmas loot blog entry.

I’m so totally Rudolph. Not even Santa liked him at first only Clarice did.

My dad got his Christmas present of a Raiders win. The funny thing was I was thinking what would a Raider Santa look like? He’d wear a black suit with white or silver fur trim and an eye patch. I was debating with my parents what would Raider Santa travel in? My argument is that because a Raider is a type of pirate Raider Santa would obviously have a ship.


A 90s Themed Airing of Grievances — December 23, 2015

A 90s Themed Airing of Grievances

I’ve been celebrating Festivus since December 23rd 1997. Although it seems I’m the only one who really celebrates it and not my parents. Did you know that if you search for “Festivus” on Google a picture of an aluminum pole comes up? I was wondering if anybody else has written Festivus carols? A quick search shows I’m not the only one. Well I didn’t have any bagels or atomic subs or wear a denim vest with snaps. I did have a lettuce and rib patty sandwich that’s something right?

But before I ever celebrated my first Festivus or tried to. Two years before that Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? aired its last new episode. Of course at the time I didn’t know it was the series finale. There was a lot of good stuff in it though. As an adult it’s one of my favorite episodes of season 5. It’s sort of bittersweet to watch now. There was a lot going on in this episode. Scott in a trash can dressed as a clown, Sean getting his braids cut off by Phil the Barber, Greg juggling, Barry with exploding pants, Wonder Rat, and the dance day skit. It’s 20 years later and we are all older the cast and the fans of the show.

Why not watch it?

I think if it would have lived on I would have still loved it, but pretended not to because I was getting old and being too “cool for school”. I was trying to be grown up back then and putting childish things behind me. Or at least I tried to. We all know how that worked out. I was really getting into Sailor Moon at the time. I was more worried about being mature and fashionable. When did I ever learn?

The best part of the article is that it doesn’t ignore Greg Lee which for some reason often gets ignored in nostalgia articles about the show. Most of the times the articles will be all about Rockapella and Chief and  then they throw in something about the giant map or something. Or even worse they confuse the cartoon with the game show. That still irks me to no end. >o<

Was Greg really that forgettable? He was the host of the show! IMHO he was the funniest and my favorite cast member. Which I’m very vocal about among the other gumshoes. Although Greg fans seem to be few and far between. I understand though about others favorite cast members and how much they like their favorite respective cast member. All the fans of Elliott, Barry, Scott, Sean, Jeff and Chief. I hope I come off as respectful to their cast member of choice.

I’ve been thinking about Greg recently. I hope mentioning that doesn’t border on creepy fan territory. When I think about him then I look like this. That is probably how I’d look if I met him.

No discredit to any other cast members the whole cast was a perfect storm and they meshed well on camera. That’s what made the show so memorable over the years among other things.

Then I realized I just wrote an airing of grievances about Greg. XoX @o@

This entry is so 90s themed!


Yay! — December 22, 2015


I was thinking about Fluttershy.

And Violet from the Incredibles. I realized I’m a lot like those characters. Besides Fluttershy I’m a lot more Cutie Mark Crusaders and a bit of dormant Pinkie Pie lurking inside me for good measure.

Can you believe I was reading something online and it was making me blush? I was thinking about social skills and my lack of them. I still feel I’m pretty functional. I’m just so sick of people trying to sell me their “Social Skills Snake Oil”. I don’t really find blushing a problem I have more of a problem with awkward silences, overthinking, and stilted talking. The one thing that really gets me is when they say that to have good social skills you have to be good looking.

I realized I’ve reached the halfway point of the J-drama I’m watching Amachan. The 2 episodes I saw 77 and 78 really made me giggle. Especially episode 78. I guess it had to do with what I had read online that made me blush. I have to say Aki is lucky that she knows what she wants as a 17 year old. I barely even know now and I’m in my early 30s.

I also realized that I’ve been a little on edge and I will be until I know if I’m going back to college for sure or if I end up back in hell I mean Job Club.