My mom was telling me not to be greedy while I was listening to the song “Presents” which made me snicker a bit. Heh.

I got my first Equestria Girls doll a DJ Pon-3 doll. All they had at the store were her and that hair styling Rainbow Dash with the peg feet.

But they were really cheap, so I could not pass up DJ, but I did pass on the Rainbow Dash. I still want a small Ever After High doll like Maddie. Plus I saw a really cute pixie Ever After High doll at Walmart. She looked like a bunny!

I’ve been stuck with writer’s block for both my final paper and my usual writing. >o< My final paper will be 98% other stuff and 2% about Rockapella songs. Their songs give me feels.

I realized that I have a bunch of unopened toys laying around in my room.

Speaking of presents why is it so hard to get my dad to understand what I want? I told him I want an Amazon card.