I ate a massive breakfast with some cola. I wanted to be hyped up on caffeine before I took the test.

My dad was complaining about not being able to play his Christmas music if we decorate because we’ll have to use the stereo cabinet. I have a solution; we can use my CD player. We can play “Bash!”. My copy of “Out Cold” still hasn’t arrived yet anyway. I’m still not sure how receptive my dad will be to Rockapella Christmas music. And whatever else he has on CD or cassette. We would just not be able to play records.

There were some people from another class waiting for their final to start and they were so loud! They were so loud I could not even hear the music I was listening to. I’m not sure if they were just loud people or nervous about their final. They were laughing, yelling and screaming. I just wanted to get some studying done. I couldn’t even hear the music I was listening to over them. I’m not sure if they were nervous or excited.

She said she’d give her spiel about what a great class we were. I’ve been in college for so long it’s like standard. I’ve never gotten an “you were such an awful class” speech in college from a professor not even that deranged reporter one.

She said we’d have our grades by the 15th. XoX *Hopes for a “B”*. She said there was a 3 way tie between the groups and my group was one of them. I don’t care I’ll take it! The test itself wasn’t that hard. But I think I wrote down the wrong notes for the “cheat sheet” she let us use. And I wrote really really small with a 0.5 pencil.

I told her she looks like Katy Perry and she was really flattered. Didn’t I mention this early in the semester in my blog? She said she got Leighton Meester a few times, but not Katy Perry. I waited a whole semester to tell her. *U.U* I wasn’t trying to butter her up to get a good grade. I don’t do that. Anymore. ;P She was ok, but no speech teacher from last semester.

My book got bought back. The other 2 I had were rentals. But I only got $15 for it. 😦 The book cost $70. The school didn’t even give out free drink vouchers or even free juice boxes. Where is the $25 I paid out of pocket going to now then!? When I was returning the rented books some girl just cut in line in front of me. I should have really said something. I was so temped to kick her in the shin. Let’s just say you don’t get money back for rentals. I was just so happy to get rid of that math book that was collecting dust hiding under my bed.

On the bus ride home I was goofing off at the store which I stopped off at Walmart and Target. I was looking for an Ever After High doll. A Maddie doll or those pixie dolls. I really wanted a new doll, but they didn’t have any I wanted or that were in my price range. And no, I was not going to use the $15 from the book for the doll. I bought myself another MiWorld accessory set. It was small so I could hide it in my backpack. I was going to buy fast food, so the $2.99 I spent on that toy I would have spent on food. It would have been harder to hide a fashion doll in my backpack.

I was telling my dad I got $50 back for the book and he believed it. ^-^

But then he asked me all these questions about my final. So I quoted what  I heard in Fresh off the Boat. “Let it Ride!” I better pick out a great “poem”for my mom.

I’m gonna be on edge until I know my grade. I studied really hard this time. Essentially another semester is in the books. U.U

It was funny in The Middle when they lost all their photos on the computer only because it reminded me to back up my data. I thought that Psychology paper I wrote had some good material in it.