I was having some end of the semester thoughts.

I was thinking about that one guy who made up a bunch of excuses to not be the leader because he would post at like 11PM or something. He got to weasel out of having to be group leader. ♣Lucky!♣ (note to self make up lame excuses to not have to be group leader if such a thing happens again) I started thinking about why my group did so well in competition. There was somebody else who was smart in my group. I thought I’m not gonna deny her talents or intelligence. I thought did they really want things to ride on me? Who else would space out in class about old game shows or says that she likes to use this emoticon? ♥o♥  No, that is too braggy right?

I was thinking about the 3 songs I wrote about in my final paper. So my final paper ended up being 97% other stuff and 3% about Rockapella songs. @o@

I wrote a lot about “Follow me to Heaven”, and I mean a lot. I was thinking about the person I associate the song with, and it’s not Sean. 😛 I thought about how I’ve been “on the hell side of the clouds” with this annoying person.

Of course the song “Kingdom of Shy”. That song was part of the inspiration of my project.

“Indiana” got me through some hard times in my life. My parents don’t understand why I love that song so much. My mom just thinks it’s annoying. Or maybe I’m annoying her with the song?

Like I said their songs give me feels.

I was listening to the song “Give”. It really made me think about a lot of things. Like how the lady in the song didn’t need a bunch of fancy things to be a good performer, and that if you are talented it could be seen through poverty. No, I’m not trying to become a singer. Or did I grossly misinterpret this song? :/ It made me think about how the hobbyists get all caught up in spending a lot of money on fancy stuff. I also thought about why was I so receptive to taking on my secret hobby last year? After I really thought about it hard. Perhaps it was the timing? It was around this time last year. You know Christmas and all that. Warm fuzzies and such.

I got a Ever After High Harelow pixie doll. And she was about $8. They were almost all gone. There were only 2 left at the store. The other one had wonky/derpy eyes. I think they are cheaper because they don’t have all that articulation like the other EAH dolls do.