I decided to hang out with my inner child. I need to be a bit nicer to her. I have to stop making fun of hair and teeth. I need to also stop making fun of how gullible she can be.

She helped me remember this. I would bear hug her if I could.

Back when I was in 3rd grade some ladies from the yearbook came to my class to take candid photos of the kids in the class. The yearbook was run by adults. I think they were school boosters or something. Whoever they were it was not complied by a class or club of school aged students. Months later when the yearbook came out I wondered who that pretty girl was in my class. I thought it was somebody else. After I noticed the positioning of the desks in relation to where I sat it was me. I was wearing an outfit I didn’t normally wear to school. And it was a skirt of all things. I looked so photogenic. I didn’t even recognize myself. Honestly I think that was one of the best pictures I’ve ever taken even better than my high school senior photo.