So I “made” cookies.

I didn’t like the ones with the almond on top as much as the cherry ones.

The cookies may look a little erotic. They remind me of something from the “California Gurls” video or something. The juice in the cherry makes them more flavorful.

My mom told me all the cookies I made were too fat and would take longer to cook. She made the dough, but I shaped and decorated them. She said they looked aesthetically pleasing. I have an eye for stuff like that. I think it’s from my art background.

I thought about the big cherry cookie she made me last year that looked like a pizza.

I remembered when I took that class and we were reminiscing about our childhood and some girl was bragging about her father and how he can barely stand up now and it takes him all day to make cookies or something like that. All I could remember was scary stuff mostly. Not scary but more unpleasant. I don’t know cookies are around for most of the year when it’s cold. Halloween cookies, Christmas cookies, Valentines Day cookies, and sometimes even Easter cookies. My mom doesn’t only make Christmas cookies, and usually I’m more interested in eating raw dough anyway.

After I got out the grading chart on the syllabus it calculated to an “A”. That was just everything else the final test wasn’t graded yet. That was the only thing she hadn’t posted. Checked it again later and she put in the final grade and it is indeed an “A”! I’m floored! XoX @o@ This is really gonna bring up my GPA. Now I have to work on other stuff I’ve put on hold like cleaning and getting rid of stuff and possibly my secret hobby. The hobby is up in the air right now. I want to work on my writing. Which I haven’t done in a while.