So I went to this store at the mall with some very interesting clothes. The clothes were just “normal” clothes with some embellishment. From what I saw it was mostly altered clothes. I thought to myself  “Why can’t I try to make this on my own?” I mean I would see things like this all the time on ebay when I first started my internet life. This is why character flat sheets sell for a lot online by themselves.

Then I saw the hair bows. I had seen some licensed ones at Hot Topic at first. There were some here too. That same thought came back to me again. “Why can’t I try to make this on my own?” All I would need to do would be to get some ribbon or something to make a bow with. I could use other things like duct tape, tulle, tubular crin, or even sheer nylon tricot. I could make bows for the characters I want to make them for.

Then I thought I wouldn’t want to get harassed asking where are the hair bows I made. It’s just an idea I’m kicking around for now I don’t even have the craft supplies to make any. Well a complete bow anyway.

The funny thing was all I bought there was some cables and a melon soda from Japan.

When I had to navigate through the Macy’s I felt like Arthur when he had to go through the toy section to meet with his mother at the candy cane. They had purses, but there were no Gwen purses. 😦