I got a new purse! (yesterday)

It’s really big too. It can fit a binder in it! I can smuggle resumes! I wanted something that said “a woman child uses this”. It looks way too grown up for me! It’s designer too. Steven Madden. When I was younger I used to confuse him with John for some reason. I guess it was all the football I grew up watching.

I got this backpack. It’s kind of childish looking, but I thought it was so kawaii. The best part it was only $7 reduced from $22.

And they had a Twyla doll. This was the character I was looking for! I had to snatch her up. The other Monster High dolls they had were the Casta Fierce dolls. They also had Equesrtria Girls dolls, but the cheapest ones were about $10 and up . They also had DJ Pon-3’s car, but I already have a fashion doll car. Most of the EG dolls were Rainbow Rocks dolls I saw Sapphire Shores, Octavia, Slumber party Twilight Sparkle, singing Twilight and the 2 pack with Sunset Shimmer.

I left with a wallet that was $60 lighter.

I was thinking about this article I read about how women hold their purses. I think I do the shy one.