I was thinking about Fluttershy.

And Violet from the Incredibles. I realized I’m a lot like those characters. Besides Fluttershy I’m a lot more Cutie Mark Crusaders and a bit of dormant Pinkie Pie lurking inside me for good measure.

Can you believe I was reading something online and it was making me blush? I was thinking about social skills and my lack of them. I still feel I’m pretty functional. I’m just so sick of people trying to sell me their “Social Skills Snake Oil”. I don’t really find blushing a problem I have more of a problem with awkward silences, overthinking, and stilted talking. The one thing that really gets me is when they say that to have good social skills you have to be good looking.

I realized I’ve reached the halfway point of the J-drama I’m watching Amachan. The 2 episodes I saw 77 and 78 really made me giggle. Especially episode 78. I guess it had to do with what I had read online that made me blush. I have to say Aki is lucky that she knows what she wants as a 17 year old. I barely even know now and I’m in my early 30s.

I also realized that I’ve been a little on edge and I will be until I know if I’m going back to college for sure or if I end up back in hell I mean Job Club.