I’ve been celebrating Festivus since December 23rd 1997. Although it seems I’m the only one who really celebrates it and not my parents. Did you know that if you search for “Festivus” on Google a picture of an aluminum pole comes up? I was wondering if anybody else has written Festivus carols? A quick search shows I’m not the only one. Well I didn’t have any bagels or atomic subs or wear a denim vest with snaps. I did have a lettuce and rib patty sandwich that’s something right?

But before I ever celebrated my first Festivus or tried to. Two years before that Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? aired its last new episode. Of course at the time I didn’t know it was the series finale. There was a lot of good stuff in it though. As an adult it’s one of my favorite episodes of season 5. It’s sort of bittersweet to watch now. There was a lot going on in this episode. Scott in a trash can dressed as a clown, Sean getting his braids cut off by Phil the Barber, Greg juggling, Barry with exploding pants, Wonder Rat, and the dance day skit. It’s 20 years later and we are all older the cast and the fans of the show.

Why not watch it?


I think if it would have lived on I would have still loved it, but pretended not to because I was getting old and being too “cool for school”. I was trying to be grown up back then and putting childish things behind me. Or at least I tried to. We all know how that worked out. I was really getting into Sailor Moon at the time. I was more worried about being mature and fashionable. When did I ever learn?

The best part of the article is that it doesn’t ignore Greg Lee which for some reason often gets ignored in nostalgia articles about the show. Most of the times the articles will be all about Rockapella and Chief and  then they throw in something about the giant map or something. Or even worse they confuse the cartoon with the game show. That still irks me to no end. >o<

Was Greg really that forgettable? He was the host of the show! IMHO he was the funniest and my favorite cast member. Which I’m very vocal about among the other gumshoes. Although Greg fans seem to be few and far between. I understand though about others favorite cast members and how much they like their favorite respective cast member. All the fans of Elliott, Barry, Scott, Sean, Jeff and Chief. I hope I come off as respectful to their cast member of choice.

I’ve been thinking about Greg recently. I hope mentioning that doesn’t border on creepy fan territory. When I think about him then I look like this. That is probably how I’d look if I met him.

No discredit to any other cast members the whole cast was a perfect storm and they meshed well on camera. That’s what made the show so memorable over the years among other things.

Then I realized I just wrote an airing of grievances about Greg. XoX @o@

This entry is so 90s themed!