Don’t worry this isn’t your typical mopey INFP blog post like many of them happen to be. Not just by me but other INFPs as well.

I was thinking about my last blog ranting about the lack of fan love Greg gets and how I may have made it look like a cause or something. That is so INFP of me it’s not even funny. But why confine myself to just four letters? 😛

Now for the beauty side of it.

I don’t know why but I was reading these heartbreaking stories about women who were teased about being ugly. I know that feeling. Don’t look at me! *covers face with hands* I’ll just hide in the background and slink in the shadows. I’ve been told I’m “cute” sometimes and “pretty” is uncommon. But I’ve never gotten “beautiful”. Not even to myself. I’m so forgiving to my inner child why can’t I be more forgiving to other aspects of my personality? Especially grown up me since that is the part of myself that is here living in the present.

I found the box of unopened toys I was storing and there were quite a few toys in it. Let’s just call it “various toys I’ve accumulated over the past few months”. I noticed I collected a lot of them for my behavior modification project. Which I never bothered using for reinforcement. Well I’m off that plan now. Except for the Twyla, DJ and Harelow dolls. I purposely bought those for Christmas, and I can’t wait to open them. Howleen who I never really freed from her box. Since like 2014. I got her like a month after my hospital stay. Pictures, summaries and reviews up tomorrow. In my Christmas loot blog entry.

I’m so totally Rudolph. Not even Santa liked him at first only Clarice did.

My dad got his Christmas present of a Raiders win. The funny thing was I was thinking what would a Raider Santa look like? He’d wear a black suit with white or silver fur trim and an eye patch. I was debating with my parents what would Raider Santa travel in? My argument is that because a Raider is a type of pirate Raider Santa would obviously have a ship.