Since this is an Christmas loot blog entry there will be no inane fan girl rants.

DJ was strapped in there really well. If you want to see a picture of her in the unopened box you can see that here.

I was going to take off her clothes, but then I realized it was going to be hard to put back on her fishnet sleeved hoodie. Here she is with all her accessories.

She has really big feet! Her shoes were even too big for Draculaura. Compared to other dolls I’ve had in the past she is very cheap feeling. Which is surprising especially since she is made by Hasbro. Although growing up I never owned a Jem or Maxie doll. Her legs are ball jointed at the hips though.

Stella is wearing Twyla’s shoes and Twyla is wearing DJ’s shoes.

I took this silly picture of her DJing. Who knew my doll sized turntables would come in handy some day? Those are just really old doll accessories from the 1980s.

This is what the stencils look like I drew them with a pencil. I tested the markers and they work too, but I ‘m not going to color the dress. The pink is more neon the scanner washed it out.

You can see a picture of Twyla’s box here.

Since she was posed in that position for who knows how long. The copyright says 2013 on the box. So that means that the arm that was bent in that position for 2 years The bent arm keeps falling out of the socket.

The trapper keeper thing she came with looks like the one that came with my Picture Day Lagoona doll.

Poor Howleen who has been somewhat trapped in that box for 1 year. Once I freed her out of the box her hair looked all tangled.

Here is Harelow’s box.

She is so cute! Her dress has rabbits printed on it.

Here are the 4 dolls.

These are all the blind bags I bought myself over the past few months.

In the blind bag I got Asbury Raspberry. In the blind basket I got Toni Topper and Suzie Sushi.

I got the other Dairy Queen set and a Mrs. Field’s set with a giant cookie.

I finally opened that Babs and Apple Bloom set and I got a glittery blind bag Pinkie Pie. I searched for a Pinkie.

They eat apples of course. The apples are out of scale because they are Barbie apples.

And that is all the stuff I bought for myself.

Then I played with my dolls for 2 hours. I was like a little kid.

I wanted to open my presents while listening to the song “Presents”. But I didn’t. I got some money, gift cards (including the Amazon one I wanted) and some rum.

Too bad Antenna TV didn’t show the Mister Ed Christmas episode. I did see The Monkees one twice today.

I wanted to write a great joke Christmas facebook status like last year to top it. But I couldn’t think of anything good. 😦

I ate a lot of ham for dinner. I got so full. @o@