I was thinking about some hobbyist who accused people of giving up and then they did and then I ended up staying with it. Strange? I still don’t like that a lot of people are making that person out to look like an angel. If you are a passionate jerk that still doesn’t make you any nicer.

A fast progression as admirable and such. As fast and hard as you can take it. It makes you feel more secure more established more real. Then I won’t be so good. For some reason I was thinking about that No Doubt song “You Can Do It”.

I’m not looking at it from a competition standpoint, There is a lot a person can get done in a year. Accumulating all the things you need. Taking relevant educational trips things like that. Who is to really judge what is good or bad? Then I thought maybe they were taking out their anger out on me in a way because even if they were progressing quickly they wanted to even faster. I think they had a feeling of “feeling behind”.

I feel like a turtle, but in a good way. I’m Toby Tortoise. Who knows I might run into Jenny Wren? These are the kind of things that are told to children. Slow and steady means things will be more thought out. And perhaps the reward will be so much more grand, but how slow is too slow?

When I was linking old posts to the ones to my Christmas loot blog entry I noticed my Brick House Pig entry I was feeling down in the dumps and felt I needed to prove something. I’m progressing slowly believe me or not it’s your choice. I should not need to prove anything to anyone, but myself. Who happens to be my own biggest fan and worst critic all rolled into one. And the thought of that terrifies me.

I think I’ll add the songs “Give” by Rockapella and “You Can Do It” by No Doubt to my hobbyist playlist.