I really wanted platform penny loafers. I thought wearing platform shoes made me look grown up. I put up with a lot in the name of fashion. It’s ok because I was in junior high. Especially since I sprained my right ankle in 1995. Now I hardly touch platform shoes.

I had long hair. At first I really wanted to grow it out in late 1995, but for some reason it was pissing people off. I was still growing it out in ’96, but getting frustrated with it because it kept getting in the way. I kept getting food in my hair. It took me 4 more years to realize that I didn’t want long hair anymore.

I didn’t mention all those girly smelling lotions and body spray, or the movie Space Jam.

I’m not going to reiterate my article about fashion which you can read here.

I started listening to rock modern music. Well modern for the time. That is the year I got into No Doubt and Garbage. I heard my first No Doubt song in 1996, “Just a Girl”. There were lots of good songs that came out that year; like “DJ Girl”, “Peaches”, “Areoplane”, “California Love”, “Life in Mono”, “Free to Decide”, “6 Underground”, “Champagne Supernova, “C’ Mon N’ Ride It (The Train)”, “My Boo”, and a bunch of other songs that will come to me after this entry is published.

When I look back on it all that seems to come back to me is being an awkward tween. I had no idea who I was and who I wanted to be besides being fashionable. I remember being made fun of because I used to know a lot about world events for some reason. I think that tied into my love for geography. This was also the year I discovered my one of my nemesis variables in math equations.