I noticed once I put on my Rockapella CDs then the neighbor’s music started. And they were playing it loudly. I was retaliating with Rockapella music. This is another reason why I wanted their CDs so I could sing along with their songs poorly. I like to listen to their CDs when my parents aren’t home especially my dad because I know he would totally make fun of me for liking their music or any kind of music like that. It’s old, it’s not heavy, and it had no instruments. My mom says it sounds like old Doo Wop music.

Of course I sang along.

It’s like that scene from the Seinfeld episode The Slicer when Elaine tries to block out the cat meows with her music and dances to “Slow Ride” while she folds her socks.

I deserve it I had to put up with them listening to “Gangnam Style” contentiously on a loop for a whole year! >0<