I decided next year or maybe as soon as possible.

All I need to really do is be a lot more comfortable with being myself, but you know not being a jerk or anything. I’m worried about being too something. Too old, too immature, too weak, too ugly, too nerdy, too fat, too stupid, too slow moving, too indecisive, too bitchy, too shy, too quiet, too loud, too me?

I found this entry from late last year before I moved blogging platforms. I like nice broad goal topics. So it’s not too confining. And I did accomplish it with my psychology project. I realized that I’m more functional than I make myself out to be. But there is room for improvement.

But I can honestly say I’m satisfied with my progress this year. I got 2 general education classes out of the way. I wish it would have been 4, but I’ll take what I can get. I raised that not so great GPA. I met some great people and some not so great people.

I progressed a little in my secret hobby which I’m satisfied with, but I always write about that and you are probably tired reading about that.

Sometimes you get advice from the most unlikely of places. ^-^