UTB didn’t show any New Years programming I was interested in this year.

Why does it seem like the tv channels choose celebrities I don’t like to host New Years Eve programming? I don’t care for Pitbull or Seacrest they both seem to be “everywhere”. I mean you could seemingly watch about 5 hours of programming with Ryan Seacrest hosting. *shudders*. That’s right it was 20 years ago he was rude to me in 1995 and I’ll never forget it! (in a bad way)

I’m still stressed out about making the deadline for college. Well I can fill out my paperwork tomorrow. I was really thinking about it after I had a stress dream about it. I was dreaming about a ruler which according to the dream dictionary means that you feel you are not measuring up to the standards of others. Then I thought about it again while I was listening to “NYC Summa”.

For those of you who watch the Rose Parade there is a digital program. Here.