The Non-threatening Hypothetical Marathon Runner — December 21, 2015

The Non-threatening Hypothetical Marathon Runner

I think those good grades were just what I needed if school didn’t work out for me I was going to throw in the towel and contact all the hobbyists I could find in a 5-10 mile radius who would be willing to take me under their wing, and not find me threatening. Not threatening to their business, and the hobby as a whole. They have a whole thing about being non threatening. Maybe they should read a copy of Non-Threatening Boys Magazine. Part of me knows I’m not sure what I’m doing but I have a feeling I’m doing it “wrong”.

If this was a marathon I’d say I’m at like some where at the 23rd mile for finishing up college (a marathon is 26.2 miles) and for my secret hobby I’m not even started yet. I’m at the running shoe store asking what kind of shoes to buy, and the sales people are trying to sell me things like flip flops and high heels.

I was thinking about this and my parents could not answer why. Specifically why did my family have to dress up for the Christmas party. I’m not sure why, but my dad got mad when I asked.

Then I realized I did a case of mistaken identity when I received my copy of “Out Cold” in the mail I was so ready to rip open the package containing the CD I didn’t notice the post mark on the other piece of mail I got. I should really read the post mark of my mail more carefully. :/

I got a Once Upon a Zombie Princess diary stupid cheap thing fell apart 2-3 days into using it. I tried to repair it with my hot glue gun. That didn’t work. That’s what I get for buying a Zombie Princess diary at a 99¢ store. Look at that bouffant on Cinderella! Why does a zombie have such nicely coiffed hair?



Waiting for the Mail — December 18, 2015

Waiting for the Mail

I told myself to be a little easier on myself. I want to stop using the word “perfect” a few days ago I was working on some correspondence and I used the phrase to myself “perfectly crafted email”, but then I thought I should say something more like “a well crafted email” or something like that.

I found some great duct tape. It’s the right shade of blue and everything. I’m gonna make crafts with it! Including hair bows! I could end up like Penny from The Big Bang Theory with her Penny Blossoms. I really have no intention of selling them.

That A really did bring up my GPA it’s at a 2.9 now! o^-^o That’s almost resume bragging caliber GPA! It won’t go on the resume until it reaches 3.0 or I graduate which ever happens first. Which reminds me I have to review something.

My copy of “Out Cold” finally came! I’m really enjoying “Come My Way”. I think I’ll sing “For the Love” to annoy my neighbors. Besides my Rockapella CD I also got something else I was waiting for in the mail.


A Knock off of a Knock Off — December 15, 2015

A Knock off of a Knock Off

So I went to this store at the mall with some very interesting clothes. The clothes were just “normal” clothes with some embellishment. From what I saw it was mostly altered clothes. I thought to myself  “Why can’t I try to make this on my own?” I mean I would see things like this all the time on ebay when I first started my internet life. This is why character flat sheets sell for a lot online by themselves.

Then I saw the hair bows. I had seen some licensed ones at Hot Topic at first. There were some here too. That same thought came back to me again. “Why can’t I try to make this on my own?” All I would need to do would be to get some ribbon or something to make a bow with. I could use other things like duct tape, tulle, tubular crin, or even sheer nylon tricot. I could make bows for the characters I want to make them for.

Then I thought I wouldn’t want to get harassed asking where are the hair bows I made. It’s just an idea I’m kicking around for now I don’t even have the craft supplies to make any. Well a complete bow anyway.

The funny thing was all I bought there was some cables and a melon soda from Japan.

When I had to navigate through the Macy’s I felt like Arthur when he had to go through the toy section to meet with his mother at the candy cane. They had purses, but there were no Gwen purses. 😦

Purse-anlity —


I got a new purse! (yesterday)

It’s really big too. It can fit a binder in it! I can smuggle resumes! I wanted something that said “a woman child uses this”. It looks way too grown up for me! It’s designer too. Steven Madden. When I was younger I used to confuse him with John for some reason. I guess it was all the football I grew up watching.

I got this backpack. It’s kind of childish looking, but I thought it was so kawaii. The best part it was only $7 reduced from $22.

And they had a Twyla doll. This was the character I was looking for! I had to snatch her up. The other Monster High dolls they had were the Casta Fierce dolls. They also had Equesrtria Girls dolls, but the cheapest ones were about $10 and up . They also had DJ Pon-3’s car, but I already have a fashion doll car. Most of the EG dolls were Rainbow Rocks dolls I saw Sapphire Shores, Octavia, Slumber party Twilight Sparkle, singing Twilight and the 2 pack with Sunset Shimmer.

I left with a wallet that was $60 lighter.

I was thinking about this article I read about how women hold their purses. I think I do the shy one.


Cookie Brag — December 14, 2015

Cookie Brag

So I “made” cookies.

I didn’t like the ones with the almond on top as much as the cherry ones.

The cookies may look a little erotic. They remind me of something from the “California Gurls” video or something. The juice in the cherry makes them more flavorful.

My mom told me all the cookies I made were too fat and would take longer to cook. She made the dough, but I shaped and decorated them. She said they looked aesthetically pleasing. I have an eye for stuff like that. I think it’s from my art background.

I thought about the big cherry cookie she made me last year that looked like a pizza.

I remembered when I took that class and we were reminiscing about our childhood and some girl was bragging about her father and how he can barely stand up now and it takes him all day to make cookies or something like that. All I could remember was scary stuff mostly. Not scary but more unpleasant. I don’t know cookies are around for most of the year when it’s cold. Halloween cookies, Christmas cookies, Valentines Day cookies, and sometimes even Easter cookies. My mom doesn’t only make Christmas cookies, and usually I’m more interested in eating raw dough anyway.

After I got out the grading chart on the syllabus it calculated to an “A”. That was just everything else the final test wasn’t graded yet. That was the only thing she hadn’t posted. Checked it again later and she put in the final grade and it is indeed an “A”! I’m floored! XoX @o@ This is really gonna bring up my GPA. Now I have to work on other stuff I’ve put on hold like cleaning and getting rid of stuff and possibly my secret hobby. The hobby is up in the air right now. I want to work on my writing. Which I haven’t done in a while.


Pretty Photogenic — December 11, 2015

Pretty Photogenic

I decided to hang out with my inner child. I need to be a bit nicer to her. I have to stop making fun of hair and teeth. I need to also stop making fun of how gullible she can be.

She helped me remember this. I would bear hug her if I could.

Back when I was in 3rd grade some ladies from the yearbook came to my class to take candid photos of the kids in the class. The yearbook was run by adults. I think they were school boosters or something. Whoever they were it was not complied by a class or club of school aged students. Months later when the yearbook came out I wondered who that pretty girl was in my class. I thought it was somebody else. After I noticed the positioning of the desks in relation to where I sat it was me. I was wearing an outfit I didn’t normally wear to school. And it was a skirt of all things. I looked so photogenic. I didn’t even recognize myself. Honestly I think that was one of the best pictures I’ve ever taken even better than my high school senior photo.

Feeling Thoughtful — December 10, 2015

Feeling Thoughtful

I was having some end of the semester thoughts.

I was thinking about that one guy who made up a bunch of excuses to not be the leader because he would post at like 11PM or something. He got to weasel out of having to be group leader. ♣Lucky!♣ (note to self make up lame excuses to not have to be group leader if such a thing happens again) I started thinking about why my group did so well in competition. There was somebody else who was smart in my group. I thought I’m not gonna deny her talents or intelligence. I thought did they really want things to ride on me? Who else would space out in class about old game shows or says that she likes to use this emoticon? ♥o♥  No, that is too braggy right?

I was thinking about the 3 songs I wrote about in my final paper. So my final paper ended up being 97% other stuff and 3% about Rockapella songs. @o@

I wrote a lot about “Follow me to Heaven”, and I mean a lot. I was thinking about the person I associate the song with, and it’s not Sean. 😛 I thought about how I’ve been “on the hell side of the clouds” with this annoying person.

Of course the song “Kingdom of Shy”. That song was part of the inspiration of my project.

“Indiana” got me through some hard times in my life. My parents don’t understand why I love that song so much. My mom just thinks it’s annoying. Or maybe I’m annoying her with the song?

Like I said their songs give me feels.

I was listening to the song “Give”. It really made me think about a lot of things. Like how the lady in the song didn’t need a bunch of fancy things to be a good performer, and that if you are talented it could be seen through poverty. No, I’m not trying to become a singer. Or did I grossly misinterpret this song? :/ It made me think about how the hobbyists get all caught up in spending a lot of money on fancy stuff. I also thought about why was I so receptive to taking on my secret hobby last year? After I really thought about it hard. Perhaps it was the timing? It was around this time last year. You know Christmas and all that. Warm fuzzies and such.

I got a Ever After High Harelow pixie doll. And she was about $8. They were almost all gone. There were only 2 left at the store. The other one had wonky/derpy eyes. I think they are cheaper because they don’t have all that articulation like the other EAH dolls do.

Let it Ride! — December 9, 2015

Let it Ride!

I ate a massive breakfast with some cola. I wanted to be hyped up on caffeine before I took the test.

My dad was complaining about not being able to play his Christmas music if we decorate because we’ll have to use the stereo cabinet. I have a solution; we can use my CD player. We can play “Bash!”. My copy of “Out Cold” still hasn’t arrived yet anyway. I’m still not sure how receptive my dad will be to Rockapella Christmas music. And whatever else he has on CD or cassette. We would just not be able to play records.

There were some people from another class waiting for their final to start and they were so loud! They were so loud I could not even hear the music I was listening to. I’m not sure if they were just loud people or nervous about their final. They were laughing, yelling and screaming. I just wanted to get some studying done. I couldn’t even hear the music I was listening to over them. I’m not sure if they were nervous or excited.

She said she’d give her spiel about what a great class we were. I’ve been in college for so long it’s like standard. I’ve never gotten an “you were such an awful class” speech in college from a professor not even that deranged reporter one.

She said we’d have our grades by the 15th. XoX *Hopes for a “B”*. She said there was a 3 way tie between the groups and my group was one of them. I don’t care I’ll take it! The test itself wasn’t that hard. But I think I wrote down the wrong notes for the “cheat sheet” she let us use. And I wrote really really small with a 0.5 pencil.

I told her she looks like Katy Perry and she was really flattered. Didn’t I mention this early in the semester in my blog? She said she got Leighton Meester a few times, but not Katy Perry. I waited a whole semester to tell her. *U.U* I wasn’t trying to butter her up to get a good grade. I don’t do that. Anymore. ;P She was ok, but no speech teacher from last semester.

My book got bought back. The other 2 I had were rentals. But I only got $15 for it. 😦 The book cost $70. The school didn’t even give out free drink vouchers or even free juice boxes. Where is the $25 I paid out of pocket going to now then!? When I was returning the rented books some girl just cut in line in front of me. I should have really said something. I was so temped to kick her in the shin. Let’s just say you don’t get money back for rentals. I was just so happy to get rid of that math book that was collecting dust hiding under my bed.

On the bus ride home I was goofing off at the store which I stopped off at Walmart and Target. I was looking for an Ever After High doll. A Maddie doll or those pixie dolls. I really wanted a new doll, but they didn’t have any I wanted or that were in my price range. And no, I was not going to use the $15 from the book for the doll. I bought myself another MiWorld accessory set. It was small so I could hide it in my backpack. I was going to buy fast food, so the $2.99 I spent on that toy I would have spent on food. It would have been harder to hide a fashion doll in my backpack.

I was telling my dad I got $50 back for the book and he believed it. ^-^

But then he asked me all these questions about my final. So I quoted what  I heard in Fresh off the Boat. “Let it Ride!” I better pick out a great “poem”for my mom.

I’m gonna be on edge until I know my grade. I studied really hard this time. Essentially another semester is in the books. U.U

It was funny in The Middle when they lost all their photos on the computer only because it reminded me to back up my data. I thought that Psychology paper I wrote had some good material in it.


How do you eat a…? —

How do you eat a…?

I was thinking about the behavior modification project. Then I thought does it really work? The teacher says she has tried to change the same behavior a few times. Once the semester I over I’m really gonna be bad.

I finally finished my final paper. And I turned it in 2 days early. It was hard to submit it with the formatting she wanted. I had to try about 3 times. Oh well I hope I did it right. I was supposed to write 5 pages, but I ended up writing 8. She said you could write more.

After that I had studying left and 2 other small assignments. @0@ I have been getting some studying in here and there while listening to music. Studying for this final was hard. There is just so much info. I thought about this saying: “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” I feel like I’m trying to eat a blue whale instead.

As I milled over something I wrote (not for class) that didn’t “feel right” I was feeling extremely philosophical. Perhaps it was all the candy I’ve been consuming?

Went to the doctor and found out I gained like 15 pounds. Now that there is a car again I got fatter. No wonder my shirts were feeling so tight.

My inner child had been wanting to hang out. It’s Christmas time so she is peeking around. But I have to study for finals. After we can hang out and do fun things. I did let her draw a picture. Drawing after an intense study session really takes away my stress.

Feed my Desire for Cool Possessions — December 4, 2015

Feed my Desire for Cool Possessions

My mom was telling me not to be greedy while I was listening to the song “Presents” which made me snicker a bit. Heh.

I got my first Equestria Girls doll a DJ Pon-3 doll. All they had at the store were her and that hair styling Rainbow Dash with the peg feet.

But they were really cheap, so I could not pass up DJ, but I did pass on the Rainbow Dash. I still want a small Ever After High doll like Maddie. Plus I saw a really cute pixie Ever After High doll at Walmart. She looked like a bunny!

I’ve been stuck with writer’s block for both my final paper and my usual writing. >o< My final paper will be 98% other stuff and 2% about Rockapella songs. Their songs give me feels.

I realized that I have a bunch of unopened toys laying around in my room.

Speaking of presents why is it so hard to get my dad to understand what I want? I told him I want an Amazon card.