Personality Journal (blog entry 1) — January 31, 2016

Personality Journal (blog entry 1)

Remember I bought that personalty journal?

So I decided to fill out the first page of the personality journal. Some of the questions it asks are kind of personal so I’m only going to post to the blog what I feel like posting.

Age: 32

Mood: chill (I guess?)

Weather today: rainy

Something that made me happy today: I made a new online friend

Something I’m hopeful about: going back to school

Something I’m nervous about: going back to school

Why I’m filling out the book: I thought it would be fun/good blog material

The biggest thing on my mind right now: going back to school

As you can see from what I wrote school is making me worry. A lot!


Shopin’ at home with Shopkins — January 30, 2016

Shopin’ at home with Shopkins

I made this bow. It’s based off Bianca from The Rescuers. I got the idea while watching an old episode of Match Game and Ava Gabor was on the celebrity panel. I’m working on a few more, but they aren’t finished. This thing is huge! Maybe I should make a smaller one in the same color scheme.

I made these other 2 little bows. They are ok, but I think I can do better. :/

So I tired to shop my accessory bag which mostly contains relics from the late 90s and early 2000s. I only manged to find these 2 things. I still can’t believe these tattoo chokers came back in style! @0@ X0X

I opened my 2 blind crates of my shopkins I got Mary Wishes and Earring Twins in the white crate and Tiny Tree and Mabel Syrup in the pink crate. I got 2 petkins.


Old Thoughts From 2006 — January 29, 2016

Old Thoughts From 2006

I was reading my old dairies from 2006. I found some funny entries. This one from early June was about my grades. I thought how I didn’t get along with the people in my communications class. They were particularity loud and braggy for newspaper reporters and they seemed to be the minions of that deranged reporter teacher. I got an A in that class. I think people thought I didn’t know much because I wore WWE/John Cena shirts to class. I got a C in math class and I was floored because that was a hard class, and I thought I failed and was going to have to take it again. I also incorrectly thought I fulfilled my math requirement. I didn’t attempt to take another math class for 9 years.

In an entry from early August 2006 I was embarrassed to go to the Brea Mall to meet Bloom from the Winx Club at 22 years old. But I really wanted to meet her. I never did go though.

A late August entry I was looking for people from high school online. I like to hide out now. Nobody seems to be looking for me and I’m not looking for them. I’m fine with that. I’ll see you in 6 years possibly…

I was like George Costanza in The Mom & Pop Store with his Jon Voight car. I wanted John Cena’s 1985 Monte Carlo. I never got it. It was being sold on ebay from a faraway state like Delaware and I cannot buy a car without a driver’s license. I remember my cousin joking that the car could have been owned by “Jon Seena”.

Look! I paid 49¢ for a diary at Big Lots in 2005 or 2006. You can’t find stuff this cheap now! (note the knockoff looking Tigger character)

I was going through my old myspace blogs. I wrote about my hair a lot!

Vis-a-vis — January 28, 2016


My mom told me I have a dead pan personality, and that I would be horrible on a game show. Seriously what the hell? Like Haibra from Detective Conan?! It’s merely a defense mechanism. People are all like “Do you wanna buy some shoes?” Or they do that fake flattery thing. That is the only reason I act like that. I can be quite charming when I want to. I think its like that episode of The Middle when Axl gives his best to the football recruiter, and his parents get mad.

I can’t find out which books to buy for school yet. The new redesigned school website is not working. I don’t see the point of doing that the old site worked. Perhaps to prepare for both my classes I should read my poli sci book even if it might not be the one from the class. I could also practice acting exercises when my dad is not home.

I’ve been writing a lot, but nothing is finished. I realized I should be making hard copies too besides just saving them in the computer.


Reused Doll Head Molds — January 27, 2016

Reused Doll Head Molds

I went to the mall to find more “quirky things”. Although nothing there really spoke to me. Either that or I found the items to be terribly overpriced and telling myself “I could make that for cheaper” again.

I was at the Toys R Us and I saw some fashion dolls there with familiar looking heads.

The doll obviously has a recycled Jakks Musa head. Sorry for the bad quality pic. I quickly snapped it at the Toys R Us. Here is a picture of Musa for reference.

They are made by the same company.

The lady tried to overcharge me there. The toy I bought was 40% oh yeah if you want MiWorld toys they are 40% off or at least at that Toys R Us. I got a pizza!


Does that mean they are discontinuing the line? Doesn’t matter all I ever bought were the accessory sets. I always felt they were a rip off of the Melanie’s Mall toys of the 90s.

I found this really cute bag of hair bows. There was no price on them and they didn’t scan in those aisle scanners. I guessed they were around $10 when I asked at the register how much they were the lady said they were $8.99 not including tax. Am I good or what? I could so be on The Price is Right. Speaking of game shows my dad is trying to take the Jeopardy test again. When he does that he becomes really annoying more than usual.

I did find these cute My Little Pony hair clips for a dollar.

I was pissed the McDonalds ran out of Shopkins so I had to eat a regular burger. Well at least I wasn’t short changed.

I thought of the best place to shop for something quirky; my closet and stuff.


Magic’s in the Makeup — January 26, 2016

Magic’s in the Makeup

There is just so much accusation among the hobbyists about who and what makes somebody a fake. Since I have not done such things to become real and established yet. I was feeling a little down. I listen to “Give” by Rockapella now when I feel like a fake regarding my secret hobby. It helps cheer me up. Don’t they have anything better to do than call each others fakes and frauds? I think their time would be well spent working on honing their talents related to their hobby.

I got some texts from my cousin. He said communications is a great major for me. He thinks I’m outgoing. He’s older than me, so he’s known me all my life.  I’m only that way with people who really know me. Either that or I’m really good at faking it. I’m not sure and now I think I’m overthinking and I feel weird. :/ Perky, bubbly outgoing me is way deep down inside there. It makes me just want to try harder. ^-^

He still doesn’t know about my secret hobby. Nobody in my family does. Not yet. *blushes*. UoU

Now I’m not so sure if they will be wildly surprised or say something like eh…it seemed like something you would do anyway.


Mermaid Voice — January 25, 2016

Mermaid Voice

I was thinking about Ariel, and how in the movie she gave away her voice for love. As much as I love that movie and that character, and the ridiculous amount of The Little Mermaid merchandise I owned as a child. I want my voice back! I’m not even sure what I lost it for. It wasn’t for love. Perhaps to be more likable?

For anybody wondering I’m not a mute IRL. I talk sporadically. Like today for example I was at the new market they opened in my neighborhood. It’s ok there is nothing particularly special about it. I miss the old store that was there before. They sold onigiri there which the new store does not. The bagger was trying to make small talk with me. So he asked if I had seen any good movies recently. I said, “No, not really.” At least I wasn’t rude. I couldn’t think of anything to say. :/

I heard there is going to be a Pokemon commercial this year airing during the Super Bowl. I’m so looking forward to this probably even more than the game itself. Ok maybe Coldplay too playing halftime. I hope they sing “Shiver”. That is my favorite song by them.


Stealing Hairstyles from Musicians — January 22, 2016

Stealing Hairstyles from Musicians

I was thinking about I could have braids like Sean had. I realized that is a very complicated hair style and I not could pull off braids as well as Sean did. Maybe I will wear braids just not dreads. That hair style I stole from Shirley. Which I did used to wear at school in 2010 when I took that writing class. Or maybe even some odangos. I stopped wearing those because I thought I was too old to wear pigtails and odangos.

I have a few scrunchies and other hair accessories that are begging to be worn.

Or maybe I could go back to wearing mascara? Or all that nail polish I bought which I thought I was gonna wear, but ended up being used more on doll crafts. Fun, whimsical, nostalgic colors.

I was thinking about an episode of Sabrina the animated series when Sabrina wants to impress the cheerleaders with a hat, but her aunts tell her not to wear it to school. Gem wears the same hat to school and all the cheerleaders think she is cool.

I want a look that says “I’m quirky, but in a subtle way.” I’ll probably end up wearing the same old Sonic the Hedgehog and Stewie shirts I usually wear. That frilly, pink, sparkly Hello Kitty backpack I use speaks volumes by itself already.

I got some nostalgic stuff at the Target yesterday a Ducktales shirt I had to buy it Webby is on it, but it was for men. I also bought a Troll notebook. I picked up some Shopkins at the Walmart, but those aren’t nostalgic. I haven’t opened the blind crates yet.

Inner Quirkiness at 1970s Prices! — January 21, 2016

Inner Quirkiness at 1970s Prices!

Now I have to figure out what books to buy. I really hope I can use my old Poli Sci book and save myself $55. It’s still good until the incumbent president takes office. I need to anticipate when my dad gets on my case about paying “too much” for school books. I will get my school books for $10 each, and I’m going to buy a Camero for $4000 because it is 1972. I think there might be an acting book too, but I haven’t done the research yet.

So I thought I should work on progressing on my secret hobby, but I’m not sure what I want to do next or how to do it. That sounds so bad. Like I don’t even know what to do! >o< But I need to focus on school first.

I was thinking about where I could really get ideas for quirky clothes and stuff. Why not look here? The internet. Like on pinterest or something. When I didn’t talk much I used clothes to communicate. Of course back then I was much younger and skinnier, so I could get away with more fashion wise. Now I’m an old lady, so maybe I should dress more “old lady like”? I need utilitarian clothes since I ride the bus.  Maybe I need to dress quirky in a subtle way. Once it warms up I give myself a bad hair cut that I usually try to remedy with creative hair styling. Tried pinterest found nothing I really liked fashion wise that I could pull off at school or with my body type.


Going back to Fan Fiction — January 20, 2016

Going back to Fan Fiction

Aside from worrying about going back to college. I thought I’d try my hand at something I haven’t done in years; write fan fiction. Specially for Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? I think the last one I wrote was a Seinfeld one and it wasn’t very good. Or maybe it was Winx Club? I never did finish that Winx Club fan fiction. I think I lost it in my old computer. It might be somewhere. I think I printed out a hard copy or wrote it down on paper by hand.

A little preface about it Rockapella doesn’t appear in this story, but they appear in future ones. This story is about establishing the new characters I brought into the story. The cannon would follow the game show.

Here is my first story.