My mom is sick. I went to the mall on the bus. I realized that I forgot my bus card so I would have to spend $2.50 on the bus I had the money and it was a worthy sacrifice to not have to go shopping with my dad tomorrow. Especially if it is raining.

I found a cheap Hello Kitty knockoff wallet. Where were you 4 months ago!? It reminded me of the one I had that lasted me for about 8-10 years I forget how long but it was a while. It’s always good to have a backup. I asked if she had any of those purse organizer things. She was telling me it was a good deal at 20% off. I wasn’t sure because I wanted to buy something for my secret hobby.

I was looking for one of these old things.

Apparently because of smart phones nobody sells these things anymore. I have an old one I got back in 2002 when I first started college. I need a new one.

Are hair bows like the in thing now? I see them for sale at a lot of stores at the mall. I think they would have looked so nice in my hair when it was long. I mean like really long when it was half way down my back. I guess bows could look ok in a bob too.

There weren’t any good Sailor Moon shirts in my size at the Hot Topic. I’ve come to the conclusion that there are many fat Sailor Moon fans in the area who buy the bigger sized shirts. It made me wish I was still a medium. Shopping there really makes me feel old. Or maybe it’s because my birthday is approaching really soon.

The thing I really wanted for my secret hobby went up in price a lot! Like double. Oh well. I think I can make due with buying something of lesser quality from the Walmart or the drug store or something the quality is not imperative right now anyway.

I was at this store I’ve been to before at the mall. They have a big pencil selection. I guess the last time I didn’t notice them or I thought they were pens. I felt like Goldilocks with pencils. The problem is that the pencils were either too dangley, felt weird in my hand or they didn’t have any indication of what size lead thickness they took. Of course I got a kawaii one.

I got a Shopkins at the McDonald’s in the Happy Meal. That toy is huge! I’m not gonna go and try and collect the whole set. I just want a couple like 4. They come 2 in a package like the blind baskets. Happy Meals are expensive now! Gone are the days of the $1.99 Happy Meal!

I went back to the store before I left to get the purse organizer. So really I only got 10% if you count sales tax which is about 10% here.

My dad likes to wrap stuff it has to do with his background in shipping. I brought back a lot of nice stuff.

I was still afraid my dad would totally make fun of me for buying that Carmen CD I can just feel it. I mean it has a picture of Greg on it. He doesn’t know how much I loved the show as a child. It came on at about the time of day when he came home from work. He doesn’t know that I’m a big fan of Greg Lee, or that I wrote an airing of grievances about him for Festivus.

Speaking of things from Carmen Sandiego El Chapo has been caught. Maybe their song helped. Did anybody pull the chain to put him in jail? Or did that just work on the game show?

So after a lot of pestering about those 2 CDs that came in the mail yesterday. He went in my room to look for the CDs (nothing is sacred) XoX I got found out by my dad @o@ XoX I’m not a closet Rockapella fan anymore. It’s been like 3 years. When I told him they (Rockapella) are like Pentatonix before they were cool or something. He had no idea what I was talking about. I was trying to explain what kind of music they make. My dad says something about them having a drum machine. I’m like “That is not a drum machine that is Jeff!” We were listening to “Moments of You” off “Don’t Tell Me You Do”.

So he really wanted to see that Carmen CD for some reason. IDK *shrugs* Like I thought he knows nothing about the show. My mom knows about it sometimes we would watch it together, and she knows about who was in it and all that stuff. So I wanted to show it to her first. For some reason she picked up on that Greg was/is my favorite on the show. When I asked her one time last year to guess who my favorite on the show was. She said Greg. I was drawn to Greg’s goofyness. I like that it’s alliterative! I was trying to explain to my dad about Greg and Chief and how she was his boss on the show. My dad said the music from that album sounded like something from Dr. Demento. It’s an album for children? *shrugs*

He doesn’t know about those other 4 Rockapella CDs I have: “To NY”, “Bash!”, “Vocobeat” and “Out Cold”. Which I’ve hidden in my room in various places. Does he really want to listen to them?

Even worse news than coming out of the Rockapella closet is that the bus route I ride to school is being discontinued!