I thought why should I reflect on being 31. I’m not going to reflect on that. I did that I just a few days ago. Perhaps if my birthday was in July or something.

So I’m going to write a doll review instead. I noticed I did not write a comprehensive review of my Harelow doll.

I like the packaging for this doll even if she is a “no frills” doll. The packaging looks so whimsical. Almost as whimsical as Lady Lovelocks packaging. I said “almost”. Makes sense both dolls were sold by Mattel.

I’m still in love with the rabbit print dress!

I love the face on this doll it’s so cute and youthful looking. Although the hair quality is to be desired. She has molded rabbit ears. In the package they can be mistaken for being some type of removable head band or something.

Then I noticed she has 2 sets of ears! The rabbit ears and “human” ears. (Sorry for the bad photo quality.)

Her dress fits my Mattel Winx Club Stella doll.

Stella can also wear her belt.

So can DJ. Didn’t want to try and take off DJ’s hoodie to see if she fit in the dress. The belt looks good on her it matches her glasses.

Twyla fits in the dress barely.

There are a few things I noticed about this doll. She had a strange torso that makes it hard for her to wear other dolls tops. She is kind of busty with a small torso.

She can wear Mattel Winx, Bratz, and Mystixx Vampire bottoms.

She can fit into that Mystixx Vampire dress that was too small for my other dolls including Stella.

Here is how she stacks up to Stella and Twyla. (please excuse Twyla’s lack of forearms)

She can fit in Twyla’s dress, but it’s pretty baggy on her.

Her feet are another story! She can’t really wear anybody else’s shoes! Her arch is too high to wear Mattel Winx shoes. And her feet are too small to wear any Monster High shoes. I kinda got her feet to fit in these Winx sandals.

Here is a comparison of her feet with Stella’s.

She can fit in those tight Mystixx Vampire leggings that were hard to get onto my other dolls.

She is channeling her inner Pizzazz Misfit here.

The black leggings look cute on her but stained her feet a little.