To date my 12th birthday was the worst birthday of my life! I think that was the worst birthday of my life even more than the time I had chicken pox on my birthday. It started out with a nightmare. The group of girls who bullying me really let me have it that day and my cheap backpack ripped my favorite shirt. I remember coming home and hysterically bawling. After that I became suspicious and weary of birthdays. I usually tell myself if nothing bad happens to me on my birthday I’ll be ok.

Stupid backpack! (this is an image I found online not my actual backpack)

Then I remembered how neurotic I got at 12. I mean like really neurotic. The age of 12 was a tumultuous year of my life. I think I need to help my inner 12 year old. This was the age I developed a lot of my personality “quirks”. Like being really quiet, timid, suspicious, and over thinking what I’m going to say when I speak. When I started developing “seemingly no personality”.

I changed schools and I actually got along there. I developed my like for large impersonal institutions. My old school was too small and was socially run by one mega clique per grade. The people at my old school the teacher and principal were acting like I was “the problem.” I liked it better at the new school anyway. I remember the day I arrived. I was really scared because that junior high had a really bad reputation. (which I think was started by other teachers at the other rival schools) There was a fight there too at lunch. (involving girls, but I was not in it in case you are wondering) I remember after my first class a group of people in the class crowded around me and introduced themselves and asked me questions about myself, and then again at lunch. It was a very strange feeling. To this day this has not happened to me since.

I met this guy at my new school and developed a mega huge crush on him. He was strange and wacky; always “on”. But he already had a girlfriend who was not in our classes, but was in the same grade and went to the same school. The other kids told me they had been together for “a long time”, and they were like destined to be together. Luckily she was understanding. The girl and I became friends in a later grade. But it lead to an elaborate April Fools Day prank towards him. That only I orchestrated.  He never let me live down what a huge crush I had on him in 6th grade until we graduated high school. Then I found him on myspace years later and he seemed “gross”. I think he does something that has to do with agriculture.

That was the age I wore a miniskirt for the first and last time in my life so far. Perhaps I should wear a miniskirt again at 32? As long as I don’t look like an old lady that is trying too hard. I wanted to dress like Monica from Friends. For some reason I thought Monica was really stylish. Rachel was trendy and Phoebe was doing her whole hippie look and Monica was somewhere in between. I was really into Friends back then.

Here is the picture of my other birthday loot I forgot to photograph.

My copy of the Carmen Sandiego soundtrack came. My mom got mad because I joked that I got the CD as a consolation prize.

After I opened it the first song I played was “Indiana” of course. ;P Luckily my mom was in the shower so she didn’t have to hear it. I think I won’t be buying any more Rockapella CDs for a while. Like my copy of “Vocobeat” the liner notes are a little damaged.

Look! My ponies want to listen to it. I wanted more Shopkins, but the local Walmart was cleaned out! >o<

My dad said “Modern Love” is not a Bowie song. What the hell Mr. rock music connoisseur? Really!?

I posted a entry on my old doll crafting blog. I haven’t posted on that blog in a while like over a year.