I was thinking about all the Rams’ tv deals besides hypothesizing about a team cable channel that I mentioned in my last entry. Like if they did get a local broadcast channel which channel would it be? I forget which local channel they were on when they were in LA. (a quick search on the Wikipedia was fruitless) 😦 For a while KCOP was showing Rams preseason games from 2005-2007. Or even a radio deal? I’m such a media nerd this is more interesting to me. *giggles*

My mom was the Raiders fan before my parents met. She was a fan of them when she was in high school when they were in Oakland the 1st time. My dad was a big Rams fan before they met. When he found some old stuff at my grandma’s house I found a huge Rams glass.

I saw that MADTV 20th anniversary show on the CW. Too bad they hardly showed clips from the early seasons. They only focused on certain cast members. I just love skits. Here is my skits playlist. (includes not just skits from MADTV)


My mom were reminiscing about the N*Sync skit. I was hoping they would show a clip from the “Ling Ling” Hanson parody video.

I was thinking about when I said I thought my Equestria Girl doll felt cheap. I remembered I didn’t have any Hasbro fashion dolls, but I did have a Moon Dreamer doll (Crystal Starr) and a Dolly Surprise doll (Polly). These dolls were of higher quality. Or perhaps it was because those dolls were manufactured in the late 80s?

My mom and noticed there seems to be a lot of pig stuff. When we go to the store we see it. Diaries, purses, slippers, balloons and a bunch of other stuff. Are pigs the trendy animal now? My mom will embrace it pigs are her favorite animal. It can’t be because of Chinese New Year because it’s going to be year of the monkey.

I don’t know why my dad is pretending to be interested in a game show I like that was aired over 20 years ago. He knows nothing about it! He didn’t understand why a game show needed a CD soundtrack. Marketing?

Then he was telling me he was thinking about “Art Vandlay” but he wasn’t sure what it was or where it was from. He could have asked me I know what that is. Also he needed a Rams schedule. Let’s see they will probably be on KTTV for the games of the week because Fox shows NFC games. He also had to brag about his musical knowledge again. *rolls eyes*

The results are in I didn’t win the big Powerball jackpot. I got excited too because it said the ticket was sold in my state. 😦