I really wanted to take a diction class, but it was not offered this semester. I could use to speak more properly. I mumble a lot and speak valley. Taking a writing class would be my comfort zone. Until I realized I had taken all the writing classes they had to offer this semester at that school or another school I attended.

So I confessed to my mom I’m taking an acting class. She thought that was so out of character for me. She’s seen me act before and it was painful for all. Later she thought the class might help my self esteem. The one thing I really need to do is get out of my head to be an effective performer.

The real reason I didn’t want to admit it is because I knew my dad would disapprove. For some reason he doesn’t like actors. Talking acting classes was somewhat of a forbidden fruit. (by his standards) But I’m looking for something different. Plus there are far worse things I can do than taking an acting class. As of yet I still haven’t told him.

He is bragging about his music trivia knowledge again! >o< He’s been acting this way ever since it was his birthday.

I got a personality journal book at the dollar store. I haven’t filled out one of those in over 10 years. The last one I had was a Lisa Frank one. They are written for junior high and high school girls. I can write joke answers in them. It say copyright 2012. I can use it when I’m at a loss for a blog topic.

Once I figure out how much I owe the school and if everything seems to be in order then I can work on buying books. That’s why I held off on buying more Rockapella CDs, and well I’ve been driving my mom nuts with the ones I already have.