Now I have to figure out what books to buy. I really hope I can use my old Poli Sci book and save myself $55. It’s still good until the incumbent president takes office. I need to anticipate when my dad gets on my case about paying “too much” for school books. I will get my school books for $10 each, and I’m going to buy a Camero for $4000 because it is 1972. I think there might be an acting book too, but I haven’t done the research yet.

So I thought I should work on progressing on my secret hobby, but I’m not sure what I want to do next or how to do it. That sounds so bad. Like I don’t even know what to do! >o< But I need to focus on school first.

I was thinking about where I could really get ideas for quirky clothes and stuff. Why not look here? The internet. Like on pinterest or something. When I didn’t talk much I used clothes to communicate. Of course back then I was much younger and skinnier, so I could get away with more fashion wise. Now I’m an old lady, so maybe I should dress more “old lady like”? I need utilitarian clothes since I ride the bus.  Maybe I need to dress quirky in a subtle way. Once it warms up I give myself a bad hair cut that I usually try to remedy with creative hair styling. Tried pinterest found nothing I really liked fashion wise that I could pull off at school or with my body type.