I was thinking about I could have braids like Sean had. I realized that is a very complicated hair style and I not could pull off braids as well as Sean did. Maybe I will wear braids just not dreads. That hair style I stole from Shirley. Which I did used to wear at school in 2010 when I took that writing class. Or maybe even some odangos. I stopped wearing those because I thought I was too old to wear pigtails and odangos.

I have a few scrunchies and other hair accessories that are begging to be worn.

Or maybe I could go back to wearing mascara? Or all that nail polish I bought which I thought I was gonna wear, but ended up being used more on doll crafts. Fun, whimsical, nostalgic colors.

I was thinking about an episode of Sabrina the animated series when Sabrina wants to impress the cheerleaders with a hat, but her aunts tell her not to wear it to school. Gem wears the same hat to school and all the cheerleaders think she is cool.

I want a look that says “I’m quirky, but in a subtle way.” I’ll probably end up wearing the same old Sonic the Hedgehog and Stewie shirts I usually wear. That frilly, pink, sparkly Hello Kitty backpack I use speaks volumes by itself already.

I got some nostalgic stuff at the Target yesterday a Ducktales shirt I had to buy it Webby is on it, but it was for men. I also bought a Troll notebook. I picked up some Shopkins at the Walmart, but those aren’t nostalgic. I haven’t opened the blind crates yet.