I was thinking about Ariel, and how in the movie she gave away her voice for love. As much as I love that movie and that character, and the ridiculous amount of The Little Mermaid merchandise I owned as a child. I want my voice back! I’m not even sure what I lost it for. It wasn’t for love. Perhaps to be more likable?

For anybody wondering I’m not a mute IRL. I talk sporadically. Like today for example I was at the new market they opened in my neighborhood. It’s ok there is nothing particularly special about it. I miss the old store that was there before. They sold onigiri there which the new store does not. The bagger was trying to make small talk with me. So he asked if I had seen any good movies recently. I said, “No, not really.” At least I wasn’t rude. I couldn’t think of anything to say. :/

I heard there is going to be a Pokemon commercial this year airing during the Super Bowl. I’m so looking forward to this probably even more than the game itself. Ok maybe Coldplay too playing halftime. I hope they sing “Shiver”. That is my favorite song by them.