There is just so much accusation among the hobbyists about who and what makes somebody a fake. Since I have not done such things to become real and established yet. I was feeling a little down. I listen to “Give” by Rockapella now when I feel like a fake regarding my secret hobby. It helps cheer me up. Don’t they have anything better to do than call each others fakes and frauds? I think their time would be well spent working on honing their talents related to their hobby.

I got some texts from my cousin. He said communications is a great major for me. He thinks I’m outgoing. He’s older than me, so he’s known me all my life.  I’m only that way with people who really know me. Either that or I’m really good at faking it. I’m not sure and now I think I’m overthinking and I feel weird. :/ Perky, bubbly outgoing me is way deep down inside there. It makes me just want to try harder. ^-^

He still doesn’t know about my secret hobby. Nobody in my family does. Not yet. *blushes*. UoU

Now I’m not so sure if they will be wildly surprised or say something like eh…it seemed like something you would do anyway.