I went to the mall to find more “quirky things”. Although nothing there really spoke to me. Either that or I found the items to be terribly overpriced and telling myself “I could make that for cheaper” again.

I was at the Toys R Us and I saw some fashion dolls there with familiar looking heads.

The doll obviously has a recycled Jakks Musa head. Sorry for the bad quality pic. I quickly snapped it at the Toys R Us. Here is a picture of Musa for reference.

They are made by the same company.

The lady tried to overcharge me there. The toy I bought was 40% oh yeah if you want MiWorld toys they are 40% off or at least at that Toys R Us. I got a pizza!


Does that mean they are discontinuing the line? Doesn’t matter all I ever bought were the accessory sets. I always felt they were a rip off of the Melanie’s Mall toys of the 90s.

I found this really cute bag of hair bows. There was no price on them and they didn’t scan in those aisle scanners. I guessed they were around $10 when I asked at the register how much they were the lady said they were $8.99 not including tax. Am I good or what? I could so be on The Price is Right. Speaking of game shows my dad is trying to take the Jeopardy test again. When he does that he becomes really annoying more than usual.

I did find these cute My Little Pony hair clips for a dollar.

I was pissed the McDonalds ran out of Shopkins so I had to eat a regular burger. Well at least I wasn’t short changed.

I thought of the best place to shop for something quirky; my closet and stuff.