I was reading my old dairies from 2006. I found some funny entries. This one from early June was about my grades. I thought how I didn’t get along with the people in my communications class. They were particularity loud and braggy for newspaper reporters and they seemed to be the minions of that deranged reporter teacher. I got an A in that class. I think people thought I didn’t know much because I wore WWE/John Cena shirts to class. I got a C in math class and I was floored because that was a hard class, and I thought I failed and was going to have to take it again. I also incorrectly thought I fulfilled my math requirement. I didn’t attempt to take another math class for 9 years.

In an entry from early August 2006 I was embarrassed to go to the Brea Mall to meet Bloom from the Winx Club at 22 years old. But I really wanted to meet her. I never did go though.

A late August entry I was looking for people from high school online. I like to hide out now. Nobody seems to be looking for me and I’m not looking for them. I’m fine with that. I’ll see you in 6 years possibly…

I was like George Costanza in The Mom & Pop Store with his Jon Voight car. I wanted John Cena’s 1985 Monte Carlo. I never got it. It was being sold on ebay from a faraway state like Delaware and I cannot buy a car without a driver’s license. I remember my cousin joking that the car could have been owned by “Jon Seena”.

Look! I paid 49¢ for a diary at Big Lots in 2005 or 2006. You can’t find stuff this cheap now! (note the knockoff looking Tigger character)

I was going through my old myspace blogs. I wrote about my hair a lot!