Boisterous and Annoying? Or Quiet and Boring? — January 19, 2016

Boisterous and Annoying? Or Quiet and Boring?

I was thinking about how my dad hates the “theater crowd” or “drama freaks” as he calls them or some other derogatory term. I forget all the names, but that he has a strong dislike for them. Well except for my 2nd cousin. Who is the kid of my “cool” cousin. The most interesting man in the world! (sorry Dos Equis guy!) You’ve been dethroned by my cousin. Anything my “cool” cousin does or any of his offspring do is cool but only for them! Nobody else! Even if it acting or theater or whatever my dad seems to disapprove of. That why I’m so afraid of doing things. Too bad I could not have been a “good daughter” and taken up things he likes and became a jock or something.

I hope my parents think I didn’t got the idea from the J-drama I’m watching Ama Chan. Because honestly I didn’t. I had the idea before I watched the show even if I had the idea like 2 months before.

Everything seems to be in order I didn’t owe the school like $300 or anything like that. I was so shocked and relived! ^-^ Ok so I’m officially a Thespian. I should say that more eloquently?

I kept seeing these signs around campus saying: “Cafe open Winter 2016”. After my business was done at the financial aid office I decided to check it out. I’ve never heard of these food establishments are they just school places? I really miss the Carl’s Jr. They seem to sell over priced rice and noodle bowls. I love noodle and rice bowls though. They bring back nostalgic mall memories. They also have pizza and some other kind of food I think sandwiches or something.

I thought what do I need to cure my jitters before I take my acting class. Of course! Candy and caffeine! It helps so much even more than alcohol. Which I shouldn’t be drinking on campus anyway. Then I thought I need something quirky. Like a quirky accessory or something. What about those hair bows I was planning to make? I still need to get some hair clips to attach the bows to. I think I need to go to the mall to get ideas and reload my bus pass.

Too bad I didn’t see people trying to ride their hoverboards up the hill at school. The hill is steep and the hoverboards go so slowly I could out walk that thing.

When I was walking to the bus stop I saw a squirrel dash by.

Since most of the performers I’ve met IRL are very boisterous and that can make me really uncomfortable only because it reminds me of when I was boisterous and it got beaten out of me (not in a literal sense) by others.  I thought “I remember boisterous me. Nobody liked her much.” Then I got angry and remembered that I lost my voice because I let others take it away from me and now I can’t speak.

I’m getting sick of these music tributes by my dad they are boring and annoying. They are merely an excuse to flaunt his music trivia knowledge which has been lacking recently. Maybe I need to fake it and pretend I think he is really smart.


Am I Overthinking, Overthinking? — January 18, 2016

Am I Overthinking, Overthinking?

I really wanted to take a diction class, but it was not offered this semester. I could use to speak more properly. I mumble a lot and speak valley. Taking a writing class would be my comfort zone. Until I realized I had taken all the writing classes they had to offer this semester at that school or another school I attended.

So I confessed to my mom I’m taking an acting class. She thought that was so out of character for me. She’s seen me act before and it was painful for all. Later she thought the class might help my self esteem. The one thing I really need to do is get out of my head to be an effective performer.

The real reason I didn’t want to admit it is because I knew my dad would disapprove. For some reason he doesn’t like actors. Talking acting classes was somewhat of a forbidden fruit. (by his standards) But I’m looking for something different. Plus there are far worse things I can do than taking an acting class. As of yet I still haven’t told him.

He is bragging about his music trivia knowledge again! >o< He’s been acting this way ever since it was his birthday.

I got a personality journal book at the dollar store. I haven’t filled out one of those in over 10 years. The last one I had was a Lisa Frank one. They are written for junior high and high school girls. I can write joke answers in them. It say copyright 2012. I can use it when I’m at a loss for a blog topic.

Once I figure out how much I owe the school and if everything seems to be in order then I can work on buying books. That’s why I held off on buying more Rockapella CDs, and well I’ve been driving my mom nuts with the ones I already have.


Decode the Professor Code — January 16, 2016

Decode the Professor Code

So I was looking for a good and different Poli Sci professor. They all sounded like they sucked. I know nobody is perfect or anything. But I hate being part of somebody’s pet project for a class. After deranged reporter lady I’m very weary of such things. I’ve been in college for so long I can decode professor ratings better than I can with job listings. I guess I have to have the right mindset. I found Poli Sci Boring! ZZZ! I know a lot of community college students like to fool themselves into thinking they are at the university or something. Hard doesn’t mean good. They could be really horrible professors. This was my dilemma before.

Just to off set it I took a somewhat random elective I don’t need in case Poli Sci becomes unbearable for some reason. If worse comes to worse I will pretend to go to a class I don’t have anymore. It was really hard for me to find an elective that didn’t have a time conflict with the Poli Sci class I had already signed up for. Since I have taken a lot of random electives over the years most of the classes I have already taken or some version of it at another college. Other reasons where the class met too early or too late or the class involved math. Bleh!

My dad is so nosy I know he’ll want know what classes I’m taking. I don’t want him to know I failed Poli Sci. He’s such a narcissist helicopter dad.


On the Edge of Tomorrow — January 15, 2016

On the Edge of Tomorrow

Too bad I didn’t win the Powerball Jackpot. I was going to buy my mom a Mustang car another one. She used to have one. I was gonna throw an outrageous party and go to all the hobbyist education programs being held in the US this year. According to my research I won nothing.

Everything seems to be in order for college. ^-^ Which is great but I’m still gonna be on edge for like a month. My registration day is Saturday. Which is actually a good date since registration started on the 14th.

I was looking through old diaries from 2006 I haven’t really read through them but browsing through the ones I did look through I found mostly summaries of WWE programming.

That’s right I wrote about my cousins’ weddings (no they did not marry each other.)When I told a different cousin about the single woman wedding cake sleep superstition. Which I had only read about online 4 years before. I was always reading superstition websites. I still read those, but not as much as I used to. The Fox finale of Arrested Development.

My dad was trying to flaunt his music knowledge again, and was wrong. Three times in one week. What a bad track record dad! >o< @o@


Art Vandlay and the Powerball Jackpot — January 14, 2016

Art Vandlay and the Powerball Jackpot

I was thinking about all the Rams’ tv deals besides hypothesizing about a team cable channel that I mentioned in my last entry. Like if they did get a local broadcast channel which channel would it be? I forget which local channel they were on when they were in LA. (a quick search on the Wikipedia was fruitless) 😦 For a while KCOP was showing Rams preseason games from 2005-2007. Or even a radio deal? I’m such a media nerd this is more interesting to me. *giggles*

My mom was the Raiders fan before my parents met. She was a fan of them when she was in high school when they were in Oakland the 1st time. My dad was a big Rams fan before they met. When he found some old stuff at my grandma’s house I found a huge Rams glass.

I saw that MADTV 20th anniversary show on the CW. Too bad they hardly showed clips from the early seasons. They only focused on certain cast members. I just love skits. Here is my skits playlist. (includes not just skits from MADTV)

My mom were reminiscing about the N*Sync skit. I was hoping they would show a clip from the “Ling Ling” Hanson parody video.

I was thinking about when I said I thought my Equestria Girl doll felt cheap. I remembered I didn’t have any Hasbro fashion dolls, but I did have a Moon Dreamer doll (Crystal Starr) and a Dolly Surprise doll (Polly). These dolls were of higher quality. Or perhaps it was because those dolls were manufactured in the late 80s?

My mom and noticed there seems to be a lot of pig stuff. When we go to the store we see it. Diaries, purses, slippers, balloons and a bunch of other stuff. Are pigs the trendy animal now? My mom will embrace it pigs are her favorite animal. It can’t be because of Chinese New Year because it’s going to be year of the monkey.

I don’t know why my dad is pretending to be interested in a game show I like that was aired over 20 years ago. He knows nothing about it! He didn’t understand why a game show needed a CD soundtrack. Marketing?

Then he was telling me he was thinking about “Art Vandlay” but he wasn’t sure what it was or where it was from. He could have asked me I know what that is. Also he needed a Rams schedule. Let’s see they will probably be on KTTV for the games of the week because Fox shows NFC games. He also had to brag about his musical knowledge again. *rolls eyes*

The results are in I didn’t win the big Powerball jackpot. I got excited too because it said the ticket was sold in my state. 😦


Are you Ready for Some Football Los Angeles After More than 20 Years? — January 12, 2016

Are you Ready for Some Football Los Angeles After More than 20 Years?

My mom thinks all of Rockapella’s songs sound the same. Are they really all that similar? “U Beat Me Up” sounds nothing like “For the Love”. I’ll disregard that the 2 songs have different people singing lead on them.

My mom asked me why I buy my own presents. It’s because so my dad won’t make fun of me, and he doesn’t really know what I like anyway.

So the NFL is coming back to LA. I said I won’t believe it until I see the coin toss on the field. The Rams are coming back to LA after 22? years. Better get out the watermelon to make your helmets. You can look like lime cat. I remember telling my cousin who was born in 1994 that he’s lived in LA with no NFL team practically all of his life. It was funny when they cut into The People’s Court for this. The announcement was so long it ran over the State of the Union Address on that channel. Then I wondered if the Rams are going to get their own cable channel like the Dodgers and Lakers have.

I think I’ve been watching too much of that J-drama Ama-chan. I really enjoy the show though. I like that show it gives me ideas. I had a strange dream about the main character Aki and she spoke to me in English in the dream.


You Better Know What I’m Feeling — January 11, 2016

You Better Know What I’m Feeling

To date my 12th birthday was the worst birthday of my life! I think that was the worst birthday of my life even more than the time I had chicken pox on my birthday. It started out with a nightmare. The group of girls who bullying me really let me have it that day and my cheap backpack ripped my favorite shirt. I remember coming home and hysterically bawling. After that I became suspicious and weary of birthdays. I usually tell myself if nothing bad happens to me on my birthday I’ll be ok.

Stupid backpack! (this is an image I found online not my actual backpack)

Then I remembered how neurotic I got at 12. I mean like really neurotic. The age of 12 was a tumultuous year of my life. I think I need to help my inner 12 year old. This was the age I developed a lot of my personality “quirks”. Like being really quiet, timid, suspicious, and over thinking what I’m going to say when I speak. When I started developing “seemingly no personality”.

I changed schools and I actually got along there. I developed my like for large impersonal institutions. My old school was too small and was socially run by one mega clique per grade. The people at my old school the teacher and principal were acting like I was “the problem.” I liked it better at the new school anyway. I remember the day I arrived. I was really scared because that junior high had a really bad reputation. (which I think was started by other teachers at the other rival schools) There was a fight there too at lunch. (involving girls, but I was not in it in case you are wondering) I remember after my first class a group of people in the class crowded around me and introduced themselves and asked me questions about myself, and then again at lunch. It was a very strange feeling. To this day this has not happened to me since.

I met this guy at my new school and developed a mega huge crush on him. He was strange and wacky; always “on”. But he already had a girlfriend who was not in our classes, but was in the same grade and went to the same school. The other kids told me they had been together for “a long time”, and they were like destined to be together. Luckily she was understanding. The girl and I became friends in a later grade. But it lead to an elaborate April Fools Day prank towards him. That only I orchestrated.  He never let me live down what a huge crush I had on him in 6th grade until we graduated high school. Then I found him on myspace years later and he seemed “gross”. I think he does something that has to do with agriculture.

That was the age I wore a miniskirt for the first and last time in my life so far. Perhaps I should wear a miniskirt again at 32? As long as I don’t look like an old lady that is trying too hard. I wanted to dress like Monica from Friends. For some reason I thought Monica was really stylish. Rachel was trendy and Phoebe was doing her whole hippie look and Monica was somewhere in between. I was really into Friends back then.

Here is the picture of my other birthday loot I forgot to photograph.

My copy of the Carmen Sandiego soundtrack came. My mom got mad because I joked that I got the CD as a consolation prize.

After I opened it the first song I played was “Indiana” of course. ;P Luckily my mom was in the shower so she didn’t have to hear it. I think I won’t be buying any more Rockapella CDs for a while. Like my copy of “Vocobeat” the liner notes are a little damaged.

Look! My ponies want to listen to it. I wanted more Shopkins, but the local Walmart was cleaned out! >o<

My dad said “Modern Love” is not a Bowie song. What the hell Mr. rock music connoisseur? Really!?

I posted a entry on my old doll crafting blog. I haven’t posted on that blog in a while like over a year.


A Cake Mistake — January 10, 2016

A Cake Mistake

The neighbors were cooking some really awful smelling food. In the early morning. It gave my mom bad dreams it was like that Curious George episode “Mulch Ado About Nothing”. In the episode he makes compost around his apartment and in one scene the man with the yellow hat has a bad dream because George is making compost in the man’s bedroom.

I was very disappointed that I didn’t win the Powerball jackpot. That would have been the ultimate birthday present.

I asked for another impossibly hard to make cake to make from a box mix. I didn’t realize it, and I asked my mom about it in the Walmart when I picked it out if she wasn’t so busy talking to some random lady she would have noticed that. The batter was so thick it broke a hand mixer. But thinking about hand mixers made me nostalgic. I remember when my parents would throw birthday parties for me just the sound of the mixer would get me all excited!

When I was playing my “Out of this World” CD because who wouldn’t want to listen to a CD with Greg Lee’s picture on it? “Big Wet Rag” came on and my mom was complaining that the song sounded like the other songs I made her listen to. I think her exact words were “bad doo wop”. XoX I was like it was all Rockapella if it didn’t have instruments in it. Then I told her that song is a Rockapella song too. XD

Here is the birthday loot. I shouldn’t let the menace of greed get to me. 😛 My dad did a good job wrapping it. I let him do that because he really enjoys that. He didn’t want to wrap those 2 CDs I ordered thankfully. I would have let him wrap the Carmen soundtrack if it had arrived on Saturday. Oh I forgot to take a picture of some of the other things.

These are the McDonald’s Shopkins I got. I find it ironic I got the rain boots. ;P

The ring is huge! It fits on my fat adult fingers with room to spare!

I like the way the crate looks. It’s a nice deviation from the shopping baskets.

I got April Apricot and and Cindy Bun. No petkins though. 😦 I really want the one that looks like a can of fish food!

It’s so wide none of my dolls with articulated arms could hold it besides Tecna.

Or if the dolls are feeling hipster-ish and want to use the crate as “cool furniture”. My old Snap n Play Barbie has bad knees now because she is old. XD 😦 So it was hard to get her to sit on the crate.

This large bag from the McDonald’s toy would make a good laundry hamper for doll clothes.

Or a good Halloween bag if the dolls are feeling greedy.

I can fit 6 Shopkins in the crate.


Ever After High Harelow doll review — January 9, 2016

Ever After High Harelow doll review

I thought why should I reflect on being 31. I’m not going to reflect on that. I did that I just a few days ago. Perhaps if my birthday was in July or something.

So I’m going to write a doll review instead. I noticed I did not write a comprehensive review of my Harelow doll.

I like the packaging for this doll even if she is a “no frills” doll. The packaging looks so whimsical. Almost as whimsical as Lady Lovelocks packaging. I said “almost”. Makes sense both dolls were sold by Mattel.

I’m still in love with the rabbit print dress!

I love the face on this doll it’s so cute and youthful looking. Although the hair quality is to be desired. She has molded rabbit ears. In the package they can be mistaken for being some type of removable head band or something.

Then I noticed she has 2 sets of ears! The rabbit ears and “human” ears. (Sorry for the bad photo quality.)

Her dress fits my Mattel Winx Club Stella doll.

Stella can also wear her belt.

So can DJ. Didn’t want to try and take off DJ’s hoodie to see if she fit in the dress. The belt looks good on her it matches her glasses.

Twyla fits in the dress barely.

There are a few things I noticed about this doll. She had a strange torso that makes it hard for her to wear other dolls tops. She is kind of busty with a small torso.

She can wear Mattel Winx, Bratz, and Mystixx Vampire bottoms.

She can fit into that Mystixx Vampire dress that was too small for my other dolls including Stella.

Here is how she stacks up to Stella and Twyla. (please excuse Twyla’s lack of forearms)

She can fit in Twyla’s dress, but it’s pretty baggy on her.

Her feet are another story! She can’t really wear anybody else’s shoes! Her arch is too high to wear Mattel Winx shoes. And her feet are too small to wear any Monster High shoes. I kinda got her feet to fit in these Winx sandals.

Here is a comparison of her feet with Stella’s.

She can fit in those tight Mystixx Vampire leggings that were hard to get onto my other dolls.

She is channeling her inner Pizzazz Misfit here.

The black leggings look cute on her but stained her feet a little.


Things That Make You Feel Old — January 8, 2016

Things That Make You Feel Old

My mom is sick. I went to the mall on the bus. I realized that I forgot my bus card so I would have to spend $2.50 on the bus I had the money and it was a worthy sacrifice to not have to go shopping with my dad tomorrow. Especially if it is raining.

I found a cheap Hello Kitty knockoff wallet. Where were you 4 months ago!? It reminded me of the one I had that lasted me for about 8-10 years I forget how long but it was a while. It’s always good to have a backup. I asked if she had any of those purse organizer things. She was telling me it was a good deal at 20% off. I wasn’t sure because I wanted to buy something for my secret hobby.

I was looking for one of these old things.

Apparently because of smart phones nobody sells these things anymore. I have an old one I got back in 2002 when I first started college. I need a new one.

Are hair bows like the in thing now? I see them for sale at a lot of stores at the mall. I think they would have looked so nice in my hair when it was long. I mean like really long when it was half way down my back. I guess bows could look ok in a bob too.

There weren’t any good Sailor Moon shirts in my size at the Hot Topic. I’ve come to the conclusion that there are many fat Sailor Moon fans in the area who buy the bigger sized shirts. It made me wish I was still a medium. Shopping there really makes me feel old. Or maybe it’s because my birthday is approaching really soon.

The thing I really wanted for my secret hobby went up in price a lot! Like double. Oh well. I think I can make due with buying something of lesser quality from the Walmart or the drug store or something the quality is not imperative right now anyway.

I was at this store I’ve been to before at the mall. They have a big pencil selection. I guess the last time I didn’t notice them or I thought they were pens. I felt like Goldilocks with pencils. The problem is that the pencils were either too dangley, felt weird in my hand or they didn’t have any indication of what size lead thickness they took. Of course I got a kawaii one.

I got a Shopkins at the McDonald’s in the Happy Meal. That toy is huge! I’m not gonna go and try and collect the whole set. I just want a couple like 4. They come 2 in a package like the blind baskets. Happy Meals are expensive now! Gone are the days of the $1.99 Happy Meal!

I went back to the store before I left to get the purse organizer. So really I only got 10% if you count sales tax which is about 10% here.

My dad likes to wrap stuff it has to do with his background in shipping. I brought back a lot of nice stuff.

I was still afraid my dad would totally make fun of me for buying that Carmen CD I can just feel it. I mean it has a picture of Greg on it. He doesn’t know how much I loved the show as a child. It came on at about the time of day when he came home from work. He doesn’t know that I’m a big fan of Greg Lee, or that I wrote an airing of grievances about him for Festivus.

Speaking of things from Carmen Sandiego El Chapo has been caught. Maybe their song helped. Did anybody pull the chain to put him in jail? Or did that just work on the game show?

So after a lot of pestering about those 2 CDs that came in the mail yesterday. He went in my room to look for the CDs (nothing is sacred) XoX I got found out by my dad @o@ XoX I’m not a closet Rockapella fan anymore. It’s been like 3 years. When I told him they (Rockapella) are like Pentatonix before they were cool or something. He had no idea what I was talking about. I was trying to explain what kind of music they make. My dad says something about them having a drum machine. I’m like “That is not a drum machine that is Jeff!” We were listening to “Moments of You” off “Don’t Tell Me You Do”.

So he really wanted to see that Carmen CD for some reason. IDK *shrugs* Like I thought he knows nothing about the show. My mom knows about it sometimes we would watch it together, and she knows about who was in it and all that stuff. So I wanted to show it to her first. For some reason she picked up on that Greg was/is my favorite on the show. When I asked her one time last year to guess who my favorite on the show was. She said Greg. I was drawn to Greg’s goofyness. I like that it’s alliterative! I was trying to explain to my dad about Greg and Chief and how she was his boss on the show. My dad said the music from that album sounded like something from Dr. Demento. It’s an album for children? *shrugs*

He doesn’t know about those other 4 Rockapella CDs I have: “To NY”, “Bash!”, “Vocobeat” and “Out Cold”. Which I’ve hidden in my room in various places. Does he really want to listen to them?

Even worse news than coming out of the Rockapella closet is that the bus route I ride to school is being discontinued!