Take a Leap Meek Star Collector — February 29, 2016

Take a Leap Meek Star Collector

Today is the 4 year anniversary of the death of Monkee Davy Jones. I’m going to listen to some of my favorite Monkees songs.

I should make some sort of mention of the song “Buttons and Bows”. Ok, I’ll admit I recycle this joke every 4 years, but isn’t 4 years a long enough span? I think I have been since 2000? That means I saw that Fraiser episode 20 years ago! I feel so old writing that! I found my old entry from 2008 and posted it in myspace archives blog.

It’s Pochacco’s birthday today!

I listened to “Star Collector” before my Poli Sci class. Which is my favorite Monkees song.

I couldn’t stop admiring my fancy glitter nails. Ok so maybe I’m getting a little more loose with my self expression because of that acting class, but not too much though. In my old age I have been dressing a little more conservative, but not much. The glitter nails made me nostalgic. It was like how I used to wear them in junior high. Back when I communicated with dress.

In Poli Sci at least the teacher doesn’t assume that everybody in the class is like over 40 or something. I remember my old teacher wanted us to remember the Reagan administration. I was probably one of the oldest students in her class and I was born during his second term! He mentioned Friendster. Isn’t that a really old social media site? He also said he’s never seen a Star Wars movie. By the things he says I think he is somewhere between older Millennial or late gen-x. It’s still as boring as ever but he makes it a little less boring than my last teacher did. The only reason I really remembered it’s Super Tuesday is because it cuts into my tv shows.

I’m pretty sure I decided on my item. I’m picking item #2. Which was emails from my pen pal. It just had the most interesting story in my opinion. The other 2 items were good. But the emails were the best choice. I made the choice in the time between Poli Sci and my acting class.

When I asked my teacher about writing my own monologue she was glad. Impressed even. Really? Ok then… She doesn’t know that I’m a writer yet. Writing and acting sort of go hand in hand. I’ll let her approve it first anyway. It needs some work. I was secretly working on it during Poli Sci. She said that after a few weeks we will be talking to each other a lot before class. Not me. Usually. I like to keep to myself and listen to my music and write before class. It puts me in the right mind set. I was like that in speech class too. I think I didn’t become very talkative before class until like the last few weeks. Of course that class was 4 days a week though this class is only 2 days a week. That guy I find annoying is like a boisterous version of Abed from Community. Not, Cool. Cool. Cool. IDK I just don’t like him he’s really annoying. I wonder how old he is. Like 20 or something? I know what a Greek Chorus is that means I’ve been reading tv tropes too much. @o@ She made a reference to the Wizard of Oz and somebody shouted that out. Like are we supposed to like yell that out or something? I’m confused. :/ I got ignored again in class during a group activity. That’s what bothered me last time. *pouts* Sure I’m not boisterous or particularly extroverted, but I’m not invisible either. *pouts more*. We were telling this story about a balloon. I was planning on making a reference to the Eatliz video for “Hey”, but how many people had really seen that video? Is it a popular song?

So I made a reference to the song “99 Luftballons” I think the teacher was like the only one who got that joke. :/ Oh well! Whateves! I was planning to make a reference to the song “Buttons and Bows” in my acting class, but the right opportunity never came up. 😦

First I thought that guy rubs me the wrong way because of this. But sometimes annoying is annoying there is no other way around it. I remember I was like that and I was so annoying back then. Those tendencies tend to come back here and there sometimes, but I really try to control them and my mom gets on my case about them. Personally I find the best solution to this is silence.

I got pretty much everything I need for it now. I printed out my hard copies of the emails and stuff and packed them in my backpack. It might be fun to do this or embarrassing or scary! XoX


Choose Something Already! — February 28, 2016

Choose Something Already!

Can you believe somebody pilfered my Pokemon blog entry? It was one of those blogs that pilfers other blog entries to promote their whatever. There was a stolen entry by somebody else who wrote about Oscars fashion.

My drunken neighbors were singing loudly at 3:30 AM. I hate the warm weather! Perhaps I should be drinking nightcaps? It gives me the opportunity to work on my monologue unwillingly. It’s as good of a time as any.

The Oscars don’t interest me. So I did my nails and try to read more Poli Sci. I like this new book it seems a little easier to digest. When I used to read my old book I would fall asleep reading it. Or perhaps because this part of class is review for me right now. I forget how far I got in the last class? I didn’t get to the different branches of government in that class. I think I got up to political parties? Or was it campaign strategies?

So we have to do this sort of show and tell thing for acting class which is fine. Actually I was supposed to do it if I had stuck with that other acting class last semester back then the first item that came to mind was emails from my pen pal. *blushes* The problem is now I thought of 3 different things I want to bring, and I can’t choose. I assigned each item a number. An item about my dead friend which I called #1, the emails from my pen pal was #2, and #3 was a secret hobby item. I used random.org to help. It kept giving me #3 which is the number I assigned to my secret hobby item. So I guess I will talk about that. I think I’ll pre-prepare something to say it’s due on Wednesday unless she moves the due date. Then I thought if I write a paragraph about each item and whichever one seems like the best one to share with the class wins. With the paragraph idea item #2 is winning. If worse comes to worse. I’ll just bring all 3 items and choose at school. They are all pretty small and can fit in my backpack.

A Ode to Pokemon — February 27, 2016

A Ode to Pokemon

I’ve been working hard on my monologue. Perhaps I need top just mull over it a little while more. Just to think about all the ideas I want to get out an all the inspiration from my former writings. It’s a reason you suck speech. Then I got another idea for a completely different monologue. Maybe I am I better writer than I think I am? Or perhaps I’m becoming too arrogant again? I feel like Anne in the Anne of Green Gables cartoon when she decides to write her own poem about Avonlea. Well I guess whatever I try to write myself I’ll run it by my teacher first. I’ve been so caught up in trying to write something “good”. I forgot today is Pokemon day! X0X @o@

Here is some reminiscing for you Pokemon style. My first exposure to Pokemon was when I was listening to KROQ on the radio it was an ad promoting Pokemon it said that the pikachu car was going to be somewhere I forget where though, and to watch the show at 7AM on September 7th on KCOP. I was very interested to see what this new show was. I saw it and I loved it! I was happy it came on early enough in the morning so I could watch the whole episode without being late to school. I had that problem with Sailor Moon and Samurai Pizza Cats that came on at 7:30AM.

What was my first item of Pokemon merchandise?

I think it might have been the pikachu treasure keeper. I saw a guy at my high school with it on a lanyard. My friend was talking to me or something and I was not really paying attention the guy had a pikachu on the end of it. I had to ask the guy where he got it. It looked like something expensive you would get at the mall or something. So I asked him where he got it, and he said KFC. A KFC toy? Needless to say I had to have it! Then I think I forgot about it. I got it as a Christmas present. I definitely remember the pikachu though because somebody had wrapped it (most likely my father) I still have that pikachu somewhere in a box in my closet with some of my other pikachu figures. I used to play with that particular pikachu so much I rubbed the black off his ears and nose. I had to repaint them with black nail polish. XD

Here is the insert that came with it.

Or was it these stickers? I remember being drawn to that sticker of the pikachu eating a yam. I loved these stickers! I used to put them in my binder. I remember I had to go to an anime store to find them. Remember anime stores? You don’t see those anymore. I got this Pokemon poster at that same store during the same trip.

I think I might have gotten all these items as Christmas presents.


At A Loss for Words? — February 26, 2016

At A Loss for Words?

What could my acting teacher have picked up from me from being in her class last semester for only 1 day? That was the super secret elective I took last semester. I didn’t really wanna talk about it because I didn’t know what to say if it didn’t pan out like it did. The real problem is that I can’t remember what I revealed about myself consciously or subconsciously. I remember telling her that I liked the show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? as a kid. I was surprised she knew what that show was. I’m not sure how old she is. I also told her about my secret hobby.

So we have to recite a monologue for class, and I can’t come up with anything except dramatically reciting some song lyrics. Which she said we could do, and “Indiana” is looking pretty good to me or maybe even “Bleed Like Me”. They wouldn’t be too hard to memorize because I know those songs already. So I thought I’d take on the difficult undertaking of trying to write my own monologue. I thought “I’m a writer! I can write myself something.” Somebody has to write those plays and stuff unless you write your own show. I started and I have a great idea for a topic, but I’m having a hard time getting the words out. Me? At a loss for words? Yep.

I was thinking about the show Fuller House I wonder how the girls I went to school with especially the ones who went crazy over that show reacted to it. I wonder if they are like crying or something. I think I’ll pass on it. Right now I wish I still communicated with them just to get their opinions on the new show.

I’m Still not a Tree! — February 24, 2016

I’m Still not a Tree!

I wore a scrunchie to school. It holds my hair tighter than the hair elastic I regularly use. I also wore some mascara. Only like 2-4 coats and I’m good.

I was listening to that Greg Lee interview podcast again. I put it in my MP3 player because it’s over an hour and it gives me something different to listen to while I ride the bus or something. So I can listen to it throughout the day at school.

I took an earlier bus to school and it was better than riding that late one. Which is really late for some reason.

In Poli Sci this guy strolls into class 15 minutes late with nothing but a phone and a pencil. He sits in front of me, and the first thing he does is ask for a sheet of paper. It reminded me of when I was in 7th grade math class I had one of those binders with the clear front pocket. It had some Sailor Moon stickers in it and a picture of No Doubt in it. I used to love to stare at the picture of No Doubt. So I kept the binder on the desk while I took notes. It made math a little less boring. There was this guy who was always mooching off paper from everybody, but especially me because I had the binder looking at the picture of No Doubt. They would like to brag about how little school supplies they could bring it was like a contest or something.One day I just got so fed up with that guy I yelled “I’m not a tree!”. It took a few months to live that down. I forget what happened to that guy. Funny since I left high school I don’t even use binders for college anymore unless they tell me to. Having a binder was a school rule at my junior high and high school. They would have their little assembly at the beginning of the year about school rules like no hats or fireworks, and that you must have a hard binder that was at least 1 inch in width. Back to the guy in my class. Then he asked for another sheet of paper. He was lucky I was feeling generous the 1st time. I like that he gives us time to read the book and stuff. My old Poli Sci teacher wanted us to read the book like 2 weeks before the class even started. He made us take a quiz to see how much the class as a whole knew about American politics. He asked who are the president and the vice president. I was thinking about Greg and Biden. XD He asked who the speaker of the House is. All I remembered was that he was Romney’s running mate and he looks like Matthew Morrison. I totally forgot the guy’s name. He asked if we knew who the former speaker was. The only reason I remembered that was because when he left he cut into The Price is Right episode I was watching. I even wrote about that. I have a weird mind association. Supposedly that is a gift. IDK works for me sometimes. He asked who one of the 2 Senators from California are. Somebody thought that Governor Brown was one of the Senators of California. And if you know a little about the Senate you would know there are 2 per state. He asked who the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is. I was so tempted to write “the dead guy”. I wrote Sotomayor she was the only other person I could think of besides the dead guy. He was talking about how the court is structured. A bunch of that stuff I remembered from watching the World episode “Swiping the Supremes”. He asked who ran against Obama in the 2012 election. He asked who the Secretary of State is. A bunch of people still thought it was Hillary. It’s Kerry now. He asked how many branches are there in the US government. Somebody yelled “2!”. I think I might have snickered at that. That is like high school stuff! I’ll admit I didn’t pay attention much to my social science classes in high school, but I know there are 3 branches of US government. I mean sure I’m taking Poli Sci again because I did poorly at it the 1st time. If I’m around these people I’ll do fine. As the semester progresses he’ll recognize my scribbles.

This guy comes to theater class with this large Styrofoam container of Chinese food. At first it smelled really good. But after it got cold it got smelly in an unappetizing way. For the warm up exercises I think I did ok; I was out of my head, but I think I can get out of my head even more. Oh well it’s only my 2nd class. I can still suck. @o@ XoX Strangely enough we didn’t have to act like a tree. We were talking about actor stereotypes. I thought about all the ones I learned from my dad. That’s all he ever talks about when he mentions actors and why he doesn’t like them. We talked about the history of theater. When she mentions method acting all I think about is Tobias from Arrested Development. I got a great idea for another Carmen fan fic though. I think the teacher knows that I know more about theater than I’m willing to reveal at the moment. Like I said before I read you know; like stuff…


Personality Journal (blog entry 8) — February 23, 2016

Personality Journal (blog entry 8)

Nothing really interesting happened today except I realized that I need to get my schedule right. So I decided to take another page from the personality journal. The instructions for this page were to put pictures that remind you of your family or parents. If you know my parents IRL these pictures make a lot of sense to you. If you don’t they seem kind of random.

I decided to limit it to 3 pictures each.

My mom:

My dad:

Now I’m done with family entries. Now the book moves onto school briefly.


Ride Not on Time — February 22, 2016

Ride Not on Time

I had a dream that my cousin was sick. But it made no sense because I was still in high school and she was born 6 years after I graduated.

The bus was a half hour late which was not of my doing. After I thought about it that bus was late the last time. When I was going to pay my fees. This is the 2nd time I was late to the first day of a Poli Sci class. I saw that No Duh is playing locally. They are a No Doubt cover/tribute band. I heard they are really good. I want to see if I can get tickets if they don’t cost too much. As I’m on the bus I’m just hoping for a forgiving professor. I had one that almost dropped me for being a couple minutes late. I was actually on campus that time. It just took me a while to finish up what I was doing in the toilet. Was that too TMI? Oops. *blushes* Because the bus was so late it was very crowded.

When I get there it’s 10AM. I didn’t get chastised for being 15 minutes late. Plus it was hard to find the room. He’s much younger than my last Poli Sci teacher. He doesn’t seem as out of touch as the last one. She was very out of it. She could never tell us anything about our grades ever. XD @o@ XoX When he was going over the syllabus the people were writing it down. Rookies. Heh. He said we have to keep up with current events. I didn’t pick up a strong bias from him for any politicians in particular. Unless it was during the 15 minutes of class I missed. I was ready for the ice breaker. Some teachers like to get really wacky with these. I know a lot of socially anxious people don’t like these, but if they prepared for it just a little it could take a little of the pressure off. So his was hobby and/or favorite food. Ok so I wasn’t going to name my secret hobby (that would be crazy). The good thing about having a last name towards the end of the alphabet is that you can think about what you are going to say. Food is ok. I ♥ ribs! UoU ^-^ Somebody mentioned they liked writing and he said you would like writing class essays. So I thought “Ok I won’t mention writing.” Somebody mentioned adult coloring books. Some guy thought they were erotic pictures or something. I bet those probably do exist. The teacher said he’d have his adult coloring book (not erotic) some wine and politics on the tv. I’d rather have some rum the tv is on game shows or anime and I got my diary scrawling in it about random thoughts or drawing something. ;P For the ice breaker I mentioned the ribs. He said you can bring your computer to take notes, but he will notice if you are goofing off. He says nobody is smiling when they take Poli Sci notes. I do. Only because I’m usually doodling on the paper or writing down some random thought I think would make a good blog or something. Paper. Old School! He said he’s a Dodgers fan and likes baseball.

Right before class I was eating candy. My last bag of Haribo juicy bears. 😦 I need to figure out where to buy more of those not online. I was writing about random things before class and I wrote this down. “Time to get extroverted!” I knew I was going to have a lot of good blog material. Too bad it isn’t a “Method One” (methadone) acting class. Does anybody need me to act out a fire sale commercial? I thought the people in there were going to be a lot more boisterous and showing off their chops like using accents and doing voices and stuff. I had been practicing my accents in the car and annoying my mom. Mostly the Wisconsin one. I also thought their outfits would have been quirkier. I didn’t wear a complicated hairstyle because I thought we might have had to do an acting exercise where somebody might touch my hair. I don’t like people touching my hair in general. I noticed that the boisterous people in there are like really hyper. They are like kids who always speak their mind. Do people really like that? :/ Boisterous or not I need to be a lot less guarded in general. She said we have to perform a monologue of our own choosing. I have a few ideas. Absolutely no Shakespeare! It brings back bad memories of high school English Honors class. XoX Some of the exercises seem like the same things I do for writing, but instead of acting it out I write it. Somebody was saying about how they took a major because their family wanted them to, but they really want to act. I totally understand there are many secret things I pine for that I know my relatives would not understand. Ok mostly my father, but others too. If they knew about all the stuff I’m into that I don’t admit too they’d be surprised. Plus all the wacky stuff I actually admit to. I don’t have an ego about my acting skills. You can read about some of my early acting exploits here, here and here.

I think my mom thinks I’ve gone off my rocker. If I don’t like acting much I’ll just leave it at that and move on. I still have other classes I need to take for my major. After I take Statistics and if I pass Poli Sci. Then all I will have is electives related to my major.

I think I hurt my feet in these new shoes 😦

My dad just found out his daughter is taking an acting class. The horror!

What I did for my Winter Vacation —

What I did for my Winter Vacation

I thought this entry should precede the one about my first day back at school for the spring semester.

Like summer I had planned to do a lot of things, but didn’t get much done. 😦 but this time it wasn’t as bad because there was not constant outside meddling.

I should not have used writing as a reward for my behavior reinforcement project because it just messed me up, and all I wanted to do was write during the break. I guess I should have stuck to Rockapella CDs, Shopkins and youtube videos as rewards instead.

What else did I do? Binge watched game shows on tv and online, made doll crafts, made fan art, wrote correspondence, and watched sports.


It Takes a lot of Acting — February 21, 2016

It Takes a lot of Acting

I thought about my acting class and what if I have to make my own costume? Especially if it was something that I don’t have like a colonial outfit. Do they provide costumes? I made sure to stock up on “actors food” it’s really candy. I was gonna go to class with crazy fun nails, but I got all caught up in watching tv and never did them. If its too hot I can’t wear a fun hair style.

I’m gonna go with my gut and say there is gonna be a lot of Trump hate since his name was being thrown around in non social science classes last semester I know I have to hate on him which I already do, and my hate for him intensifies it’s almost as Seacrest level. I gotta know so I can get on the teacher’s good side and get an anti somebody shirt or buttons so be it “Dubbya” (still hated after all these years) or Trump, how you have fallen so far in 10 years! If it helps my grade the better.

It would be funny if I had all these political themed clothes and then I changed into a quirky outfit for acting class.

I’m still really tense. I’m having strange stress dreams again.


Is this in the Script? — February 20, 2016

Is this in the Script?

Do I have to buy the scripts? I did order the acting book and the book is on it’s way. I should do more research about the productions? Did I not know what I signed up for? :/ The only thing I don’t want this class to do is to wreck my GPA. I worked really hard to bring it up after getting all those “C”s. But I still think I need more self confidence and to step out of my comfort zone.

UTB is going to show Astro Boy on March 6th, and I think it’s the 1980s version. They have not showed the promo commercials yet. They showed The Gutsy Frog (both versions) for about 2 years; since 2014. They showed the 2nd series in 2015. They ran it once and then reran both series.