I was at the store and I wanted to buy some cute hats. First I saw a Cutie Mark Crusaders beanie, toque, knit cap whatever they are called. One of those things. The hat was for kids and I’m not even sure it would have fit my head. I really just wanted the patch on the hat. I’m not sure it was worth $9. Then I saw a pikachu cap. Which was much cheaper than the $20 hat I saw at the mall. My mom was convincing me not to buy either hat because I would end up not wearing them. Why not? I could be “the hat person”. Perhaps I need to make some more duct tape hair bows?

I got a Starburst that was like a fourth of a candy. I was disappointed. It was one of those rolls with only the red ones.

Garbage is releasing a new album and so is Gwen Stefani. I never cared much for “Baby Don’t Lie”. Gwen has been teasing a new album for like what 2-3 years now? I still feel a little disillusioned after “Push and Shove”. Garbage hasn’t released a new album since 2012. My aunt was still alive.

Today is Fat Tuesday. I was thinking about these beads.

I found them while I was shopping my accessory bag. I remember when my cousin brought them back from New Orleans he said they looked for the craziest beads they could find. The crayfish on these beads are pretty huge! Almost the size as the real ones. They thought I wasn’t going to like them. I like the beads not because they are crazy, but because crayfish are delicious! He has mellowed out a little after his daughter was born. But I have a feeling she is going to grow up and take on a lot of her father’s personality. I’m still waiting for her to become a Halloween enthusiast. He is mentioned in the popcorn story later in the blog.

I thought I post a page from the personality journal. Especially since a story about my cousin is mentioned.

The city and state I live in: (not telling the city) Los Angeles suburbs, California

My favorite thing to do in my city: nothing

The best thing about my house: nothing

My favorite room in the house: Do I have one?

The craziest thing that happened at my house: My cousin burned some popcorn in a microwave. It was so smelly my mom had to put it on the porch. Then we made popcorn in a pan instead. This was back in the late 1980s and not where I live now.

If you opened my fridge, you would find : bacon

If I could pick one place to live for a year, it would be : I like living around here, but in a swankier neighborhood.