An acting book is almost $100 used!? Too bad I can’t use the same Poli Sci book I had from before. 😦 Luckily the new book only cost like $11 on amazon without shipping. I think I might have paid more for my Carmen Sandiego soundtrack CD. Now I gotta figure out what to do with that other book. :/ And I have to find a cheaper version of that acting book.

I was having computer problems in the morning, and I was freaking out. I went to the mall today.

I went to Claire’s I got $9 worth of scrunchies. I got some other hair accessories. It was just what I was looking for! Although I think I paid a little too much for them. I guess gone are the days of the $1 scrunchie. I haven’t worn a scrunchie in over 15 years. I remember I still had long hair. I remember I had 2 Pochacco ones. The first one I lost in my screen print class and the second one was a replacement one. After a while they started to look pretty grungy.

I gotta stop shopping at that Payless Shoe store at the mall the people who work there are really annoying. The lady who worked there was all “Look at my shoes!”. You reek of desperation and a bad sales woman. I’m not buying anything anymore from that location.

I bought a Sailor Moon shirt at Hot Topic. I’m totally wearing odangos with that shirt! ^-^ I think I’ll wear it my first day back. I need something quirky. *UoU* They also had some cute pikachu shirts, but they were either dirty or too small. I was joking with my mom that I should buy a new pikachu plush there.

I tried the mozzarella sticks at McDonalds. They are not as good as the ones that Burger King used to sell like 10 years ago. They were not worth the $1.41 I paid for them. I only got 3 of them for that price, and they were pretty small. They tasted good though. I think they would go good with Pizza Hut’s Wing Street garlic parm wings. I really miss those ones from Burger King.

A Sailor Moon shirt? Scrunchies? What decade is this? On the ride home I listened to Rockapella music.