I had a dream I was bald according to this website it means lack of self esteem and fear of getting older. That I have lost my strength like Samson. Well I would eat honey I found in a lion carcass.

I was trying out some new hairstyles for my first day back at school. I was trying to make odangos, but it looked like an old timey hairstyle like from the 1940s or 50s. But I could not replicate it on the other side of my head. Too bad too. It was really cool looking.

I finally found where I wrote about the song “When I Get Old” It was back in October in my paper writings. I was thinking about people fading away.

I was looking for something else and I found this. I don’t know I think it’s very funny! XD I guess I can stop drinking wine coolers and watching Dinosaur Train.