The office skits were my favorite part of the show. But after listening to that interview should I refer to them as GILOs? Greg in Lynne’s Office. It’s what Greg said they were called. When you knew that Greg was going into The Chief’s office for whatever reason (invited or uninvited) you almost expected something strangely absurd was going to happen. I guess that type of humor appealed to me as a child and then again as an adult. I even dissected the skits. I heard that when you dissect humor sometimes it loses its impact, but for some reason these skits did not. Or perhaps it’s the nostalgia speaking. I’m not sure.

Honestly I found this list hard to compile. It was hard to pick some of these there were a lot of good skits performed on the show over the years. So I thought I should make some loose criteria to narrow it down. Anything I liked and remembered from childhood immediately made the list. I disregarded the fact if the list leaned heavily towards one season or another. But I made sure to pick at least one skit from each season. As the seasons went on they became more and more and more absurd.

1. Slides (season 1) The Chief is out of her office and Greg comes in to see her gone. Then he starts to imitate her. He makes fun of her slide show and the Acme Triangle of Excellence. Until he gets caught by her.

2. Novelty Items- (season 2) The Chief has a bunch of novelty items that work for Greg, but not for her because she doesn’t believe.

3. Office Intruder- (season 4) Chief is scared because she thinks there is an intruder in her office. She asks for Greg’s help. They find out it’s really Sean in pajamas getting ready for bed. The addition of Sean’s teddy bear with the matching hairstyle makes the skit so much funnier.

4. Pretzel farm- (season 4) Greg plants a pretzel farm on The Chief’s desk. He even has a small tractor. I find this skit funny in hindsight since Greg went on to be a pretzel spokesman after hosting the show.

5. Soup Contest- (season 5) Chief and Greg are entering a soup making contest. Greg makes something called Industrial Gumbo. These were the kind of skits I really liked where Greg would do some mundane activity in a bizarre way. I mean who would make a soup out of squash, a harmonica, a grated sneaker sole, armpit sweat and pencil shavings? In my opinion that’s what made him very silly, likable and relateable on camera.

6. Trade Day- (season 3) It’s trade day at ACME Crimenet. Where you bring a special snack to trade with your friends. Greg’s snack is a watermelon and Vienna sausage sandwich with peanut butter and mayonnaise on white bread. He trades with Chief whose snack is Shiitake mushrooms with en croute with new potatoes. After that they trade desserts. Chief has petit fours and Greg’s dessert is not revealed.

7. The basement- (season 3) The Chief needs some files that Greg goes downstairs to the basement to find them. She says there is no basement. Chief realizes Greg is just crouching behind her desk until Greg really goes downstairs, and gives her the files. This is one of the 2 skits that I would reenact as a child by myself. I would go “downstairs” behind the couch. I would get in trouble for playing behind the couch. My family moved to a different house in the summer of 1994, and butted the couch up against a wall.

8. ACME Fortune Teller Foldy Thing- (season 3) Chief has an ACME Fortune Teller Foldy Thing. It scarily predicts what her and Greg are going to do. This is the other skit I reenacted I made one like Chief’s and wrote meats on it and everything. Nobody at school got the reference and just thought I was annoying. The one is pretty funny since it accurately predicts what they are going to do. Chocolate Waffles!

9. Greg’s 3 hands- (season 2) The Chief is having a headache so Greg finds three specific pressure points to make her headache disappear. He ends up having 3 hands. He tells Chief to keep the extra hand.

10. Breakfast Club (season 5) Jokes about the anti car theft device called The Club jokes were so common back then. Greg tells Chief that her breakfast is susceptible to theft and puts the Breakfast Club on it to demonstrate and ruins her breakfast in the process. Chief’s breakfast did look delicious before Greg ruined it.