I thought about my acting class and what if I have to make my own costume? Especially if it was something that I don’t have like a colonial outfit. Do they provide costumes? I made sure to stock up on “actors food” it’s really candy. I was gonna go to class with crazy fun nails, but I got all caught up in watching tv and never did them. If its too hot I can’t wear a fun hair style.

I’m gonna go with my gut and say there is gonna be a lot of Trump hate since his name was being thrown around in non social science classes last semester I know I have to hate on him which I already do, and my hate for him intensifies it’s almost as Seacrest level. I gotta know so I can get on the teacher’s good side and get an anti somebody shirt or buttons so be it “Dubbya” (still hated after all these years) or Trump, how you have fallen so far in 10 years! If it helps my grade the better.

It would be funny if I had all these political themed clothes and then I changed into a quirky outfit for acting class.

I’m still really tense. I’m having strange stress dreams again.